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Everybody in the craft world knows Etsy!

e00010295Aside from being a haven for selling and shopping for handicrafts… it is also a great place to join a team, share ideas, attend an event in your area, join a streaming workshop or watch an archived one.

Want to join and connect with fellow Etsians?

That’s easy! But you need to know first their community rules and regulations.

If you join the community, some important ground rules apply. If you violate any of the Etsy community rules, Etsy may take action, ranging from removing your post or closing your thread to booting you from the site entirely.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can check here on how to get started on Etsy.

The golden rule in the Etsy community is simple… “Be Nice!” which means you need to treat all Etsy members with respect. Also, never knowingly harass, insult, abuse, or otherwise dog another site user. Additionally, don’t “call out” an Etsy member, shop, or item — that is, discuss her or it in a negative manner.

So what are you waiting for? Check the Etsy Community! Do your own research and find the Etsy teams that are right for you.

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