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“The best weapon against uncertainty is knowledge”

Whether it’s your first time participating in a craft show or you want some new ideas to increase your sales… you need to be equipped with right knowledge to achieve success.

You don’t want to get there (especially if it’s miles from home) to say: “Oh no I forgot…. I should have brought… their craft booth looks good I should have…”

Make your craft show a success by following these easy tips.


Here are a few thoughts on booth organization, displays, and set up to sell your items in person.



Preparation is essential to a successful show so make a checklist and follow along until the day of your show. Here are some suggestions that will help you with your checklist:

  1. Table Cloth
  2. Measure Tape/ Ruler
  3. Fliers of other craft shows you maybe attending
  4. Props that are displaying your crafts
  5. Tapes – scotch ,duct, or masking
  6. Calculator
  7. Extra Packing material if your sold items are breakable
  8. Hand Sanitizer or rubbing alcohol
  9. Snacks and Drinks
  10. Small bills and coins as start up cash
  11. Business Cards
  12. A project to work on
  13. Price list
  14. Name badge
  15. Brochures
  16. Pen /Pencil
  17. Note Pad to keep track of sales

Display Ideas

There is something to be said for staying consistent but adding more display changes to your craft booth is a great way to catch the eye of customers new and old!

While the highlight of the fair is all the craft goodies to be seen and purchased at the event, it’s the booth display that really draws people in closer to see what you have to offer.

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