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At Craft Maker Pro, we love our readers and we hope that you’re always in good health. So, let’s take a break from marketing, optimization, production and blah blah blah for a while, and let’s focus on YOUR WELL-BEING!

I have a question for you…

When you’re stressed out with your handmade business and other stuff, how well do you handle it?

Do you immediately rush into the fridge and spoil yourself with a slice of moist chocolate cake…  a crispy fried chicken… or a quarter pounder hamburger, thinking that they are the best stress relievers?

You’re not alone. Me too!

But, is this good?

Find out the answer by watching this video about stress fighting foods:


When you’re busy doing things for your craft business, we push ourselves the hardest and expect the most from our minds and bodies. In the midst of our hectic schedule, foods that fight stress fall to the bottom of our list.

Always remember, when you care for yourself first, your journey towards living successfully begins.

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