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Are you unhappy with your product photos? Have you tried doing it by yourself but you feel there’s still lacking in it?

How To Find The Right Photographer For Your BusinessThe photos of your products are vital for the success of your shop.

If you don’t have time or you’re not skilled to shoot great photos, a great solution is to hire a photographer.

So how do you find the right photographer for your business?

Product photography is a particular niche of photography, and not just any photographer is good at it.

The product photographers must be someone with a particular “eye” for the detail and that calculates how to make the perfect photo for your audience rather than capture the perfect photos.

Also, your product image speaks in more ways than you think. Your product is for sale, yet it’s the image that is your virtual storefront, and customers are judging you by your window.

A professional will:

  1. Customize the image to your needs
  2. Understand modern trends. They know nothing kills value more than a stale image style.
  3. Accentuate the details of your craftsmanship through light shaping tools
  4. Bring a creative eye to the table.

Where to find them?

Etsy Teams!

There are a lot of great photographers on Etsy teams that are open to offering their work in exchange of your products. Take a look at these groups:

  1. Photography For Props Trade Group – Photographers looking to trade professional product photography to use on your website or Etsy site in exchange for props products.
  2. Photography and Prop Makers – This team is where people who make props can trade with photographers for pictures of their props.
  3. Boutique Models & Photographers For Etsy – They’re a team of models, photographers, and Etsy shop owners who wish to trade their services.
  4. Sugar Pop photography – She is a professional photographer available to trade her works for products.
  5. Photography Traded – It’s a community to search/offer photography service. There are more than 100 users.

Etsy Sellers

Then there are Etsy sellers that just sells their photography service. Here are the favorites:

  1. Crystal (Photography of 10 items with 5 images for each, $110)
  2. Katherine (Photography of 1 item with 3-4 images, $10)
  3. Amanda (Photography of 1 item with 3-5 images, $20)
  4. Amanda (Newborn Product Photography, 3 edited images of 5 products. $150)

If you want to DIY, you might want to check these tutorials to get started:

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  3. Craft Photography Series 1 – Taking Photos For Your Crafts
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That’s. Good luck, have fun ?

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