7 Of The Best Affordable Cameras For Taking Etsy Pictures

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Are you wondering what kind of cameras Etsy shop owners use and how they go about in taking the pictures?

7 Good And Affordable Cameras For Taking Etsy PicturesCheck the suggestion of Etsy sellers below and don’t forget to check their store to see the nice quality images they post.

Here’s what top Etsy sellers suggest:

Kim from KimsHandmadeCave
I have a canon powershot, which is a great little camera! No changing lenses or anything complicated like that but there are lots of different setting to help optimise light, white balance and it has macro function so captures detail and texture really well. Had to go look up the exact model, it’s a Canon powershot sx500. It wasn’t very expensive as far as cameras go.

Brenda from bstudio
I use a Canon PowerShot A700. If you want to take close-up shots you need one with a macro feature, look for one with all the features that Kim mentioned.

KBlossoms from KBlossoms
I use a Canon Powershot S100. The key is using a light box or having a good light source. Any camera will do.

Jessica Kramer from HAWKHOUSE
I use my iphone 5s for most all of my photos…I’d say stick w/ a consistent background and then edit the photo with a free app! I use photoshop and afterlight….both on Iphone.

J.M from NineMileStudios
I use a Canon PowerShot A2500 HD and with a light-box, it works pretty well. It cost me about $85 or so.

Sheryl Hastings from ShersPatternShop
I use a Lumix which I really love! It’s a “bridge” camera. It’s between the point and shoots and the dslr. It has a bunch of knobs and gizmos which I know nothing about. Takes great pictures though. It’s bigger than the compacts. I think it cost me around $400 about two years ago. My cellphone also takes great pictures, especially for close ups so I use that occasionally.

Kathie from PillowDetails
I’m using a Canon SX700 HS. My Hubby always buys me cameras – no idea the cost, but the clarity is pretty darned excellent!

To sum it all, here are the cameras recommended by Etsy sellers:

  1. Canon Powershot SX500
  2. Canon PowerShot A700
  3. Canon Powershot S100
  4. iPhone 5s
  5. Canon PowerShot A2500 HD
  6. Lumix
  7. Canon SX700 HS

It seems like Canon won the hearts of Etsy sellers. However, any camera is good as long as you master the skill, look into editing software, free ones like picasa are good. Also, your iPhone is better than most point and shoot camera and an iPhone macro lens cost less than $15. Study composition, it is a better next step than investing in a high end camera.

If you really want to buy a new camera, read up on lighting, focal depth, shutter speed, color correction, and white balance. Or check our Craft Photography series to master product photography.

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