6 Simple Ways To Make Your Handmade Business Unforgettable

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Do you want people to remember your handmade business?

6 Simple Ways To Make Your Handmade Business UnforgettableIt’s difficult for a visitor that comes to your website to remember, after some days, the name of your brand. But, there’s a way to make sure that they remember it and share it with their friends.

Basically, you have to take care of your product’s photos, bring traffic, handle the inventory, and do customer service.

But there are some important aspects that are simple to do but sometimes the sellers didn’t think of or take the time to review them. Those things will help your business become memorable.

Here they are:

1. Make Your Products Stand Out

Your products have to speak for you. Just by looking you can tell that a dress from Chanel is different from one made by Balenciaga. Your products have to have a particular characteristic that say you made it.

When someone visits your shop they should feel your touch in every product and every graphic. Take care of your banner, you logo, your photos, and make them cohesive.

Check these shops to see what I mean:

  1. CarolinaBenoit
  2. CamileeDesigns
  3. Sketchinc
  4. ImaginationsKids

2. Look For Inspiration

Doing research on your niche and knowing your competitors will help you learn what works and what’s not.

Here I selected some awesome shops that I found online.

  1. Hide a Heart
  2. Roots Soap Co
  3. Wild Juniper
  4. Amor Dress
  5. Wine Stone Birdhouses
  6. a Banch Of Fashion

You will see how a well-made “About Page” can make these shops memorable to their customers.

3. Tell A Story

You have to impress them with the story behind your brand. Make it fabulous. If you tell me that you started to sell on Etsy because you were trying to make more money for your family, it doesn’t seem so impressive to me, and I won’t remember you or your brand.

I’m not telling you that you have to fabricate a story for your brand because I’m sure that all of you have a great story to tell, you just have to write it in the right way.

Another way to tell a story is talking about the special process you do, choosing the right supplier that supports your advocacy, or using materials that reflects your business, etc.

4. Naming Your Products

A catchy name is clear, short, and contains the right keyword(s). To start, write a list of keywords that can describe your product, the more the better.

Keep an eye on your shop stats to find the keyword(s) that visitors search for when they find your shop and add them to the initial list.

When you have to name a new product pick from that list and try to choose different tags for each products so you can reach more people.

5. Describing Your Products

After a visitor opens your product’s page, because they were impressed by your product’s online catalog photos, they will immediately look for the price and the description.

Make sure that your description is exhaustive, short, and kind. People will notice and feel if you have written a description in 2 minutes, without any care to who will read it.

Use bullet points and several little paragraphs. It’s more simple to read and less boring. Make sure to put some links to other products that might interest them.

6. Photography

I already mentioned this on my other blog posts because, as you know, it’s the most important thing after creating great quality products.

Here they are:

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That’s it. I hope you found my post interesting and that you have learned something new. Have a great day!

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