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Have you been following our free A to Z Handmade Business Guide?

Remember, these are simple tips and tricks for the lil’ ole crafter who needs to take some professional advice on how to manage a handmade business, for whatever reason that may be.


Today, we’ll be looking at the best thing to do after you have followed and implemented these tips… and that is no other than tracking the success of your campaigns through Analytics!

You can start setting up a Google Analytics account for your craft website. But have you ever wonder how many people have visited your Etsy shop? Or what keywords they used to find an item in your store? Now you can find out through Etsy Web Analytics.

You can use this free program to see who visits your Etsy store, what they look at, and how long they stayed. This also allows you to track trends, popular items, and referral sources as you build your business.

How To Add Google Analytics To Etsy

  1. Create a Google account at, or log in to your account, if you already have one.
  2. Click on ‘Account Settings’ and then find ‘Enter New Profile.’
  3. Enter for the ‘Your Website’s URL’ prompt.
  4. Enter your Etsy shop’s web address for the ‘Account Name’ prompt.
  5. Hit ‘Continue’ when you arrive at the page ‘Analytics: Tracking Instructions.’
  6. Locate your tracking number and take note of it.This can be seen to the right of your shop’s web address looks like this ‘UA-XXXXXXX-X,’.
  7. Go to your Etsy shop account and proceed to ‘Your Account.’
  8. Click on ‘Options’ and then click ‘Web Analytics.’
  9. Copy (ctrl + c) and paste (ctrl + v) your tracking number which looks like this ‘UA-XXXXXXX-X’ into the blank space and hit ‘Save.’
  10. Go back in to your Google Analytics account to see data on your Etsy shop.
  11. Exclude your own Internet Protocol (IP) address so your visits to your Etsy shop do not register in your data and skew your numbers.
  12. Visit to find out what your IP Address is and write it down.
  13. Log in to your Google Analytics account and click on ‘Filter Manager’ and enter in a filter name of your choice.
  14. Click the ‘Filter Type’ drop-down list select ‘Exclude all traffic from an IP address.’
  15. Copy your IP address in to the prompt, keeping with the format that pops up so that the slash and period marks remain intact.
  16. Select the Etsy web address that you’d like your own IP address blocked for and check the adjoining ‘Available Website Profiles’ box.
  17. Click ‘Add’ to move your Etsy profile so it shows in the list of ‘Selected Website Profiles’.
  18. Click ‘Finish’ to save your changes, and your own IP address will be blocked out of your data so you only see visits from other people.

For a clear visualization of the steps in adding Google Analytics to your Etsy, check this video by Etsy Magnet Games:


But it doesn’t end there… Analytics help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your shop so take advantage of it! From there, you can develop a business strategy focused on boosting the ‘doing-well’ pages even more and fixing the problems of those less visited pages.

Also, make use of the advanced features of Google Analytics for your craft business to get a more desirable result on your campaigns.

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