5 Things You Should Know To Sell More This Christmas Season

Craft Maker Pro » 5 Things You Should Know To Sell More This Christmas Season

According to new research from IBISWorld, online sellers can expect a jaw-dropping $68.9 billion in sales over the holiday period. As consumers spend up big on holiday gifts for family friends, don’t miss this opportunity to sell more.5-Things-You-Should-Know-To-Sell-More-This-Christmas-SeasonAs Christmas season fast approaches, what are you doing to maximize the holiday shopping rush for your business?

Here are some tips that you can add to your Christmas marketing plan:

1. Review Old Marketing Strategy

The best marketing ideas you will have about what you can do this year is what happened last year. Check your web analytics for this time last year and start asking these questions:

  • Which promotional offers worked the best on the website and through emails?
  • What keywords were being used in searches to reach your site?
  • Did these searches lead to purchases?
  • Which product lines performed better/worse than others?
  • What were your top sellers?
  • What did your competitors do last year and how did that impact on your business?
  • Do some people respond better to content driven emails such as gift guides or do they respond better to offer driven campaigns?

2. Create A Good User Experience

Creating a page that can easily lead your customers to purchases is important. Putting together a holiday gift guide can be a great way to promote your holiday promotional activities like the online clothing retailer ASOS did.

Make it easy for people to get in touch and shop online with you during the Christmas season – or they may end up clicking elsewhere. Your website should clearly state your opening and closing times, contact numbers, delivery fees (if applicable), any festive season specials, as well as the last dates for delivery before Christmas.

3. Use The Power of Social Media

Create a poll or ask your loyal customers who use Facebook or Pinterest to start creating wish lists of products they would like to receive as gifts for Christmas or ask them to offer gift ideas and suggestions. You can even include some client recommendations in your emails to reinforce your offers and to encourage further customer engagement.

Don’t forget to include a link back to an online feedback page, where new reviews can be left. Tweeting and posting gift ideas and suggestions on Facebook and Google+ will help in forming a positive brand image, driving more web traffic to your site.

4. Create A Sense Of Urgency

During Christmas season, most shoppers will automatically be shopping with an increased sense of urgency. Set deadlines on any offers or promotions to secure a sale. Use phrases like ‘3 days left’ or ‘order now to guarantee delivery by 24 Dec’. This lets customers know that if they don’t act immediately they risk disappointment. You may also create limited edition products that can only be bought at this time of year. If so, email your customers and let them know that this product is now available but will only be available for a limited time. However, be true to your word and don’t extend any promotion beyond the specified date as you don’t want to risk losing customer trust.

5. Give And You Shall Receive

The holiday season is a great time to give back to your loyal customers.We all know that it costs a lot more to attract a new customer that it does to keep an existing one so don’t ignore those customers that are loyal to your brand. Reward your previous customers – email them with a tempting Christmas offer. Give them a small gift or freebie and also encourage them to come back again. Another way to do this is to organize an event for your biggest supporters. You could even host a VIP craft show or put on some Christmas drinks.

These easy Christmas marketing tips should help you escalate your sales this festive season.So what are you doing to maximize the holiday rush? Share your tips below.

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