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Craft tutorials on your blog can help you in getting some extra blog traffic or to get your blog noticed if you’re just starting out.

6-Craft-Seller’s-Guide-To-Make-An-Awesome-TutorialTo begin with, you need to decide what your tutorial is going to be for. If you’ve never written a tutorial before it’s probably best to start with a simple project that doesn’t involve lots of steps or complicated techniques. You can share some more ambitious projects later on.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’re on your way to crafting the perfect tutorial.

1. Title

Your title should be easy to understand, so you should therefore avoid using titles that are abstract, or metaphorical. For example, a tutorial for a vanilla soap should be called, “How to Make A Scented Vanilla Soap” rather than, “Bubbly Fragrant Vanilla Soap For You”

2. Photo

Take a clear photo of your finished work right at the beginning so everyone can see what it should look like. This will help in engaging your audience right away, which can also be used as a featured photo when you post it on your social media accounts. Also, add photos for each step of the process. For really tricky procedures a drawing or diagram may work better.

3. Introduce The Craft

List the name of the craft, its purpose, level of difficulty and the approximate length of your project at the beginning of the tutorial so people know what to expect.

4. Materials

This list should include tools and supplies, and should be comprehensive enough for crafters to use at the store for shopping. Provide exact amounts and measurements. Additionally, provide resources for hard to find and affordable craft supplies, if applicable.

5. Procedure

Assume everyone is a beginner and they know very little so make it simple and easy to understand. Take these into consideration when making a tutorial:

  • Use a verb for each step such as measure, draw, glue, etc.
  • Each step should involve only 1 action, such as, “Cut all the pattern pieces.”
  • Number the steps of your craft tutorial so they are clearly differentiated.
  • Highlight important tips by using bold and/or italicized font to accent important information.
  • Include tips, warnings and pointers along the way, as necessary. When you write a tutorial, it helps to tell readers what mistakes you made that they can avoid, as well as useful shortcuts you learned through experience.
  • Provide a picture for each step.

6. Format

Think about whether your page is easy to scroll through. Can it be printed out? Do you need to provide a separate pattern that can be downloaded?

Creating a tutorial that will go viral is not easy. So let the passion of sharing and inspiring others be your number one goal. A well viewed tutorial page or even a video tutorial is a creation of knowledge, entertainment, and an application of a project that will set the traffic in motion. Find what is unique about you and will separate you from everyone else.

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