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Social networking cannot be ignored as a way to promote your business online these days.. Whether you share your handmade business information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or all of the above, the Internet has made it possible for you to reach thousands of potential customers from the comfort of your own home.

With so many different social media apps to choose from we’ve done a run down on 10 of the best that are available in the Etsy App Store.

1. OrangeTwig

orangetwigOrangeTwig allows you to import your store to Facebook in just 2-steps. It is a free app that features daily automatic sync plus immediate manual sync with your Etsy account. You will get an ‘Etsy Shop’ button on your Facebook page. If you click on this, it opens your Etsy shop within Facebook. So, fans see your shop without leaving FB.

2. Social Beacon

Social-Beacon-Logo-150x150Social Beacon is a free social media marketing tool for Etsy sellers to help grow your Etsy business. With Social Beacon, you can promote your Etsy items across social networks, measure the results to seewhat works, save time with simultaneous and scheduled posts, use their guide to help build effective social media campaigns, redirect URLs of sold items to other products you’re selling, and it supports Etsy as well as eBay and Amazon marketplaces.

3. Etsy Items

etsy-youtube-avatarEtsy Items allows you to sell your Etsy products on Facebook. This app installs an Etsy store on your Facebook page in few clicks. This Facebook store app also allows you to have a search form to search for your products, automatically loads all your Etsy products, automatically displays your Etsy shop’s header photo and store sections are supported.

4. 1 Click Social Media

1 Click Social Media1 Click Social Media is an app made for Etsy sellers who understand how much time can be saved if social media postings are planned and scheduled ahead of time. It allows you to convert any listing to a post or tweet in one click. It lets you post or schedule your Facebook posts, on your timeline, on your pages, or on any of groups you are part of, a work of few clicks and the same with Twitter. You can see all basic Facebook analytics (post reach, comments and likes) as well as Twitter analytics (number of clicks on a link, re-tweets and favourites) in one place.

5. Social Rebate®

srbig_1Social Rebate® provides a social commerce platform for online retailers to help increase social sharing and customer referrals from social media to your eCommerce stores. They add on into your e-commerce platform’s receipt page. It allows you to incentivize your customers to share your marketing with their friends after the purchase from your site. Upon check-out, consumers are given the option to earn a pre-determined percentage back from their current purchase when they share your marketing on their favorite social networks. They can immediately earn cash back just for posting, and then earn even more when their friends click on your posted link.

6. Etsy-fu

etsyfuEtsy-fu schedule automatic tweets to promote your Etsy listings.A random listing from your shop will be tweeted according to your schedule. Even if you don’t have many followers on Twitter, carefully selected hashtags will give your tweets the exposure want, in turn enhancing your visibility and increasing your sales.

7. StoreWoot

storewootStoreWoot allows you to promote your products on Pinterest, get more traffic from Pinterest and increase sales.For one product promotion, you will get 20-40 high-quality views on your store. By high quality visitors, it means real people who love to discover products and Pinterest and buy stuff online.

8. Commonplace

commonplaceCommonplace lets Etsy shop owners deeply engage customers with a social shopping experience.Part chat room, part social network, part display merchandising, Commonplace can generate huge online word of mouth and customer loyalty.


9. Etsy Social Shop

etsy social shopEtsy Social Shop allows you to sell your products on Facebook for free. You can customize your shop by uploading your logo, welcome message and set your own brand color. Also, you can import and connect your entire Etsy shop to Facebook automatically within few seconds.

10. Fanchimp

fanchimp_classic_bigFanchimp supports online shops by driving product sales via your Facebook & Twitter communications. It allows you to set up your profile, link your social media and connect your shop in under a minute. So you can create your campaign in under 1 minute and dedicate only 10 minutes per week to marketing.

Do you use any apps to manage your social media accounts on the go? Which ones do you prefer? Please leave your comments below!

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