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We’re always looking at ways to make our product photographs better and today we’re talking about FotoFuze which lets you easily edit your photos and give them a white background. You can import your listings straight from Etsy and clip your photos easily. This free app helps by cleaning up an imperfect white or black background, leaving only the product, distraction free.

Check this video to see how Fotofuze works for your handmade business:

How to use FotoFuze! from FotoFuze on Vimeo.

I spent some time this morning running a couple of tests. The first image I uploaded was an old shot of a cupcake, on a background that wasn’t really white. The photo I uploaded was the original size (640 X 480 pixels), used their mask tool and processed the photo to the white background. Fairly quickly too – since the outline of the cupcake was simple, it didn’t take long. And the processing was fast. What I got back was the same dimension. The results were pretty decent for an online tool that only took a few minutes.


For best results, take your photos on a white or black background that is as flat/textureless as you can. You can also create, update, renew, copy and draft listings directly from . And now they have a special sales feature that lets you put your shop on sale.

Premium Account

The paid account features a sales tool for Etsy fans..To get a paid account, you make your payment through a site called So how much is the paid support? Well, according to FotoFuze and Jungl – it’s whatever you feel the service is worth to you. Half of your payment is donated to a charity, and the other half goes to FotoFuze which is a very interesting concept.

FotoFuze looks great for beginners though, and for anyone who doesn’t want to purchase an expensive piece of software. If you think this software is not for you, there are other great photo editing apps available such Photoshop.

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  1. I am an artist with an Etsy shop.

    I see other artists have found a way to ‘mount’ their images on virtual canvas in a virtual home/office setting.
    It’s very effective and eye-catching also gives potential buyers the ability to visualize it.

    Do you offer this and, if so, where would I start.

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