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Ever stuck without the right design or a parallax background, but don’t want to use a flat color? Do you want a blog that looks like being designed by a professional web designer? For free?

Which Background Is Best For Your Craft BlogWe know that it’s common for small business owners to struggle with finding great design and background for their blog. So we will discuss the best background option that is suited for creative artists.

Before we do that though here’s a couple of key tips you will want to make sure that you don’t mess up whatever you already have in place.

Backup Your Template

First, backup Your Template. Before you make any changes to your blog, backup your template. Another good idea is to create an additional blog that you can practice on. That way, if anything goes wrong, your practice blog will be affected but your real blog won’t be ruined. Once you create your perfect template, you can download the HTML from the practice blog and then upload it to the blog you actually use.


Picking a WordPress theme can be pretty fun. There are many places to find WordPress themes, but it is safest to use the official WordPress Theme Directory. It is available from your wordpress blog’s Dashboard.

The ability to customize your design with a simple and easy interface varies a lot from one WordPress theme to another. Some have drag-and-drop, user friendly interface, some can only be edited and customized by CSS and coding.

If you don’t have a coding or design background it is best to pick a template that allows customization without the need of coding skills. Or simply pick a theme that you really love as it is and have no need to customize.

These are the things to think about when choosing a background for your site:

1. Solid Background

It is always good to choose a solid background color behind an image. If you choose a background color, this color will be loaded in default instead of white color. Following this tip especially meets the needs of those visitors who have a slow internet connection or who have turned off image features of their computer for fast loading. Select that color for background that goes well with background image or at least suits well with your site’s colors.

2. Proper Blending

Remember that background images are always separate from design of your site but still they are required to be blend properly with web page’s main characteristics. While selecting a background image, make sure that it does not affect the readability of text. Neither should it make the web page look too busy with objects. Background images are not meant for distracting viewers’ attention but they should be able to promote your site in a better way.

3. Patterns

Repeating patterns are often used to design background as their purpose is to cover a specific length of page. If your page is long enough and viewers have to scroll down the page, make sure you are using seamless background image. If you will not use a seamless image, your page will display an ugly horizontal seam every time your image will be repeated on page. Another trick to avoid this problem is to fix the image in place. By doing this, your background image will remain stationary while text and other images will move.

Ensure that background areas where text is to be placed has a solid color or at least there are patterns in light colors. Colors may also be dark but all you need to care about is that text can be read easily. Don’t try to use unconventional colors and rather stick to black and white backgrounds. Set aside blue, red and green color for headings and text links.

4. Background Color

If you are just adding a background color to your website, you will just need to enter a color code in HTML code of your web page. But in case of a background image, you will require creating an image by using a graphics program. This image will be loaded to server via FTP. After that, you will need to insert a link to the image within background figure code. This code will tell your server that image will only be used as a background image.

Whatever you do just don’t spend too much time thinking about your background. No matter how beautiful and pretty your site is, it will never grow without you spending time on creating great content and attracting visitors. So do pick a design and start blogging!

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