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Are you looking for branding ideas for your handmade business ? Here are three smart branding strategies from Artifact Uprising – a company that knows how to grab our attention and keep us coming back for more.

Artifact Uprising – Branding Secrets For Crafty Sellers RevealedFounded by husband-wife team Matt and Jenna Walker in 2012, along with Jenna’s sister, the company is relatively new to the photo printing space but has quickly won over the photographer, blogger and designer communities with its beautiful, handcrafted, high-quality work.

They are a great example of what all of us should be pushing through our branding. I especially like driving desire. We all want to create desire in our customers to buy what we’re selling, but it feels more like pushing, like color swatch and logo vomit all over everybody, and that doesn’t touch people. Driving desire does create a connection, which is where the magic happens in business.

Are you wondering what I am talking about?

Here’s a video of Marie Forleo from Marie TV that will show you 3 branding ideas you can learn from Artifact Uprising:

Here are the top three things someone should also consider before starting their own business according to Jenna:

  1. Understand what it will take – I once heard someone say “special people lead difficult lives.” Remember that you’ll want to quit as many times as you’ll be warned not to begin. Be prepared to stay the course.
  2. Know your WHY – it will move you to your best work, sustain you when the road gets steep and serve as a compass in all decisions. From the core values you set forth early on to the materials you select, identify the choices that matter and stick to them.
  3. Plan to do it differently – You’re not here to do what’s already been done. You’re here to find a better way. From the product materials you select to the way you treat each customer, every micro-movement is an opportunity to find a better way.

They also have an iPhone App so you can start creating a photo book or publishing prints in no time. Not quite ready? That’s okay too. Visit Artifact Uprising’s Pinterest page or check them out on Instagram using #ArtifactUprising, to get some inspiration for your product photography.

So what’s your action plan? Please share in the comment box below. Your share may be exactly what someone else needs to hear to spark a breakthrough for their brand.

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