How To Use A 1-Minute Japanese Trick To Be Productive

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How many times did you want to finish your projects really bad, but you just feel lazy to do about it?

How To Use A 1-Minute Japanese Trick To Be ProductiveYou were really motivated to get it, but after a while a very interesting phenomenon called “procrastination” starts affecting your behavior, you stop acting, and after a while you totally lose your desire, or even worse, the desire is still there, but you accept the fact that you won’t put the effort required to achieve it.

Although we sometimes begin to do what we imagined with great will, we often give up.

Many people set a new goal or new challenge, but at the end fail to achieve it. Often they tell themselves or their friends that they are not ready yet so they will start doing it from next week, next month or next year.

So why don’t you try Kaizen, or the one-minute principle?

Kaizen originated in Japan. The word itself contains two roots — ‘kai’ (change) and ‘zen’ (wisdom). It was invented by Masaaki Imai, who believes this philosophy can be applied just as successfully to the world of business as it can be to one’s personal life.


This method was first tested and established in Japan. Its major benefits are:

  1. Overcoming procrastination.
  2. Developing the habit of acting when needed.
  3. Building confidence, overcoming low self-esteem,.
  4. Overcoming the victim mentality.
  5. Living the beautiful feeling of freedom.

How It Works

At the heart of this method is the idea that a person should practice doing something for a single minute, every day at the same time.

You should deal with concrete matters for only 1 minute, not more, not less, every single day and exactly at the same time.

Think about it: just 1 minute! Isn’t this easy? No matter what things you want to do, working out, or reading a book, or learning something, you’re time is limited to one minute. Trust me, you will do everything with so much happiness and ease, that you will want to do more.

1 minute might not seem like a big step, of course it is not. But lots and continuous small steps will lead you to any destination! And not only you will arrive at your destination, but you will arrive very happy and relaxed.

And making small steps, you become perfect and achieve great results. Inspired by the sense of success, gradually increase the one-minute exercise on five-minute and so on. You will then seamlessly reach the half-hour exercise.

The progress is visible!

Clearly, it shouldn’t be any trouble for absolutely anyone, even the laziest person, to carry out a given task for such a small amount of time.

Whereas you will more often than not find an excuse not to do something when faced with carrying it out for half an hour or an hour a day, you should be able to do without any misgivings for just 60 seconds.

So try it now and let us know how it changes your life.

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