40 High Quality Craft Blogs That Accept Guest Posting

Craft Maker Pro » 40 High Quality Craft Blogs That Accept Guest Posting

Are you looking for backlink techniques that are not spammy? This year, article marketing and other backlink techniques are failing after Penguin updates, so guest blogging is one of the best approaches to get backlinks.

40 High Quality Craft Blogs That Accept Guest PostingGuest post can do wonders to your craft blog when it comes to drive targeted traffic, meeting like-minded bloggers or getting backlinks. Whatever the reason you select to guest blog I would recommend every handmade business blogger to try guest posting on other blogs.

This list isn’t even trying to be a complete list of sites that accept guest posts. Rather, it’s aiming to be a high-quality list; these are some of the best guest blogging sites you can target.

So here’s a huge list you can check to start guest posting now:

  1. ArchDaily.com
  2. ArtPromotivate.com
  3. BeautifulDecay.com
  4. Blog.ComFree.com
  5. BusinessKnowHow.com
  6. Business-Opportunities.biz
  7. Craftbits
  8. Craft Gossip
  9. Contemporist.com
  10. DailyArtFixx.com
  11. Dave’s DIY Tips
  12. Design-Milk.com
  13. DIY Home Tools
  14. EmptyEasel.com
  15. FamousBloggers.net
  16. FirepoleMarketing.com
  17. Home ownership tips
  18. House DIY
  19. IllustrationFriday.com
  20. Inhabitat.com
  21. JazJaz.net
  22. LifeAsAHuman.com
  23. MolEmpire.com
  24. Mookychick
  25. OddityCentral.com
  26. OneWomanMarketing.com
  27. ReadWriteWeb.com
  28. Sandiego BBB.org
  29. SmallBizTrends.com
  30. StartUpChamp.com
  31. SurveyMonkey Blog
  32. TechieBlogger.com
  33. TheBestof.co.uk
  34. The DIY Dude
  35. ThisColossal.com
  36. Todays mamma
  37. UpAndRunningBPlans.com
  38. WomenOnBusiness.com
  39. YankoDesign.com

You could also submit your guest post to our blog by contacting us here.

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  1. Hi Sir,

    It was really informative article and I take your tips as my guidance. I have started blogging recently and I will make sure that the tips mentioned by you will be implemented in my blog.

    Thanks for sharing and I really appreciate your work.

    Neha Aggarwal

  2. Great list of genuine guest blogging sites. I fully agree with the new Google updates as there are far too many shady happenings on the net today.
    Thanks for the info, Sir.

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