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Working from home is a dream for a lot of people. This dream is experienced by most handmade sellers. These people are experiencing the joy waking up and walking to the office down the hall in their bathrobe with a cup of coffee in hand, long lunches with friends or knocking off early to take the kids to the park.

Top 3 Productivity Obstacles And How To Avoid ThemBeing a handmade artist can be a dream come true and you can do the things previously mentioned and still be productive if you can avoid these 3 obstacles.

1. Procrastinating With A To Do List

When you’ve got boring business phone calls to make, items to photograph, or checkbooks to balance it can be hard to get motivated. Suddenly a trip to… ANYWHERE seems super important, as well as bathing the dog, emptying the dishwasher… you get the idea.

How To Avoid: Stopping your work to do another quick chore can be a nice mental break. Just be sure it’s only a break. Make a list of work things that need to be done and get those done first thing. Doing the work things first ensures that you are able to get your work done and have time to scoop the litter box too.

2. Social Media

Some reports say there are 500+ social media sites and it’s easy to get sucked into any number of them if you are feeling isolated. If you are having an especially bad day you can end the day farther behind than when you started.

How To Avoid: Try only keeping one window open on your desktop while working. It’s easy to get distracted by multiple sources if you have windows open for Twitter, Facebook, email and more.

By only having one window open at a time you force yourself to focus on the task at hand. Don’t worry, you can still be social. After an hour of focused work set a timer and give yourself 10-15 minutes to chat on your favorite social media platform. Be sure to get back to work once the timer goes off though.

3. Being Distracted By Video Or Television

When you are working from home alone, you might get interested to switch on the television for some background noise or to mosey on over to YouTube to watch a video on how to make DIY stuff. You can tell yourself that your latest creation discovery is going to be the next big trend or that you really need to see what is happening on the news right now but the truth is that what you really need to do is pay the bills.

Watching television or videos can be a HUGE time suck. An average show on television is 30-60 minutes long. One or two shows and half of your day is shot.

How To Avoid: Use television or videos as a reward for a job well done. Allow yourself some viewing time during lunch or for 20-30 minutes before you have to go pick the kids up from school. Maybe you can record your favorite shows to watch on the weekends or at night.

So what’s your biggest productivity obstacle? What are you doing to avoid it? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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  1. My greatest procrastination is reorganizing my supplies, tools, beads, etc. I’m really great at implementing new organizational programs, and I can easily think of new ones. I’ve had to face that it’s really a stall technique, cleverly disguised as a plan for the future!

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