8 Tips To Put The Spark Back In Your Handmade Business

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Do you feel like your work is not meaningful? Do you think it’s time to give up that passion and just focus on other things?

8 Tips To Put The Spark Back In Your Handmade BusinessSometimes, we want to feel like whatever we’re giving the huge portion of our time and energy to, day after day, year after year, decade after decade… makes some kind of positive difference to others.

Most handmade artists, painters , jewelry designers, singers, actors, dancers, writers – really anyone involved in some aspect of the arts worry when they feel that their creative work is not being ‘meaningful’ or ‘important enough’.

Sure there’s an app called CauseGood that could help your noble causes while selling on Etsy, but there will come a time that you’d lose that spark and may want to give your business and passion.

It is aggravated by our common day to day obstacles that we must avoid such as procrastinating, social media, videos, and tv shows.

Here are 4 awesome write-ups you should read that will help you stay motivated and continue loving your work.

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Also, watch this video by Marie Forleo and discover 8 ways to make work meaningful no matter what you do:

Have you ever lost the buzz for your big ideas? What happened? And what specifically do you do to stay connected to your passion over the long-term? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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