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Do you want to make craft show displays by only using wood? Do you want a rustic theme craft show booth?

Craft Show Display Examples That Are Just Made Of WoodYou’re in the right place!

You have created a number of marvelous pieces of jewelry or other amazing handmade pieces, and it is time to think of how to display it.

The pictures you’ll see below are different craft show display ideas that are made of wood from Artisans on Instagram. I hope this post will help you get inspired and make your creations stand out.

But please, don’t copy the things you’ll see below because these creations are made by artists. If you want to see tutorials, check this wooden craft show display tutorials by the Making Something channel.

Here is a collection of craft show displays made of wood:

Craft Show Booth Dividers

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Tell your brother, father or husband to help you build this wall just like what this cute woman did from @letters_lattes.

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By Into The Woods Woodworking from @intothewoods_woodworking

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By Justin Lehman from @sonofbrentwoodworking

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By StephW from @artifiednova

Craft Show Table Displays

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The secret to a successful show is to always greet your customers with a smile just like what this lovely woman (Kacey Stafford) did from @foundstudio

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By Derryn de Souza from @mummymantras

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By Marie June from @mariejunejewelry

Craft Show Booth Displays

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If you went to Ocean Grove Giant Craft Show last June, you have probably seen this creative craft show booth display by Park Avenue Pieces from @parkavepieces

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By BKV Decor from @bkvdecor

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By Holiday Mart at Millbottom from @holidaymartjc

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By Audrey Lindsay from @sixtwentytwodesigns

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By Willow + Grey Co. from @willowandgreyco

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By Leslie Fruman from @clayshapes

I hope these ideas inspired you to build your upcoming craft show booth. If you have questions or tips, please let us know in the comments.

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