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Modern cameras can make digital photography seem very easy, and even the most basic models will often produce crisp, clear photos. However, you’ll still have occasional issues with lighting, white balance, and more, though, so it’s a good idea to keep a photo editor around to help resolve them: but which one?

Adobe Photoshop has become popular since its introduction more than 20 years ago, but it isn’t the only game in town. In this article, you will get to know 4 photo editing programs ranging from simple freeware to more advanced to make your product photos more presentable.

The programs we’ve highlighted don’t replace Photoshop, but do offer useful functionality for less cost. Check them out below:

1. Picture Flow

picture-flowPicture Flow is a free iPad app for Etsy fans. It allows you to change the frame colors, add the date and time to show automatically and works in both landscape and portrait mode.You can create photo streams of your favorite events, vacations, family, products and more. You can also import photos from your iPad photo library, Facebook and Instagram . Choose an entire album or pick the photos you love the most. It also allows you to see a product you like, save to favorites, send to Facebook, Instagram or an email to your friends. At any time tap on the product and see the large image for that product and visit the actual Etsy page for that product.

2. Fotofuze

fotofuzeFotofuze is a free app which can help increase sales and consumer trust. This app helps by cleaning up an imperfect white or black background, leaving only the product, distraction free. For best results, take your photos on a white or black background that is as flat/textureless as you can. You can also create, update, renew, copy and draft listings directly from And now they have a special sales feature that lets you put your shop on sale.

3. Shoop! e-Commerce Assistant

shoopShoop! e-Commerce Assistant is an e-commerce productivity app that saves you time so you can focus on your e-commerce marketing more. It allows you to take a picture of your product, edit the picture, enter details and description, and then upload your products. With Shoop you can start selling and do your e-commerce business from your mobile phone. You don’t need again to transfer image from camera to computer, edit, open browser, and upload manually.


imagesPICT allows you to turn normal photos into interactive, shoppable ones. With PICT, fans, followers and potential customers discover the ‘who, what and where’ about your products on the spot. And, through their interactive photos, or ‘PICT’s’, they make it possible to blend commerce into discovery without feeling too sell-y.

By using the PICT iPhone app on your phone, or the web app from your desktop you can connect the app to your Etsy account. Snap a photo on your phone, or upload one from your desktop. Tag the products in your photo and share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr.In just one tap, customers can discover brand information, product details, additional photos, pricing and more.

What do you think of our rundown of the best free photo apps for Android? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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