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“Images are more powerful to describe a sentence”

infographicIf you look around the internet, you’ll see that almost every blog, professional site and presentation these days have infographics, which are charts that display a visual image in order to supply information to readers.

They are also more pleasing to the eye and can break down concepts for easier understanding compared to plain articles

So how can you apply this to your online handmade business?

Content… Blog… DIY Tutorials… Statistics… and Many More!

So how can you use it as content to your blog?

First of all, check what people are talking about around you. What is interesting and relevant at the moment?

I can’t list all the great topics for you as much as I want to because crafting is a huge market with so many subcategories.But I know some places where to fish for some great ideas for your target market.

Here they are:


Think about your audience and its interest.I just like to go over to Google and do some quick keyword research. I just type “keyword” on the search box. This brings up an amazing list of pages that can help you build your infographic. See if you can find something there. Maybe not, maybe so. You just have to play with the keywords.


Of course, we can’t miss Etsy on this list. This is a great hub for marketing, sales, or learning new information in the world of handcrafts. I scan or search using Etsy teams or forums for interesting facts or stories that are trending. These can help me think of a theme for an infographic that may have entertainment or shock value.


I use the search feature in Pinterest and search for a topic that relates to my niche. For example, if you have an online store that features beads, I could put in the word “beads” and see what comes up. From the search I can see ideas for how to organize your beads which could be the basis of an infographic that featured various methods.


Twitter only indexes recent tweets (maybe 1-2 weeks back) so it’s guaranteed you will find very current information. Marketing strategists use Twitter to syndicate their newly published posts. Use this chance to take a peek on what’s hot on the blog.

And once you identify a hot topic, don’t waste time. Create your infographic now!

Here’s How To Make An Infographic For Your Craft Blog.

You can find dozens of infographic tutorials and examples out there that can inspire and inform you to make your own infographic. So start looking, and start making successful visual graphs today.

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