7 Online Selling Tips You Might Have Never Heard Of

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Are you selling your handmade products online or trying to take your business to the next level?

7 Online Selling Tips You Might Have Never Heard OfIf you sell your handmade products online, whether it’s a single product or tens of thousands, there are many things that you can do that will increase your sales,

We recently asked some of our clients to share their best tips for fellow handmade artists who are selling online on how to sell – effectively.

Here are 10 online selling tips that you might have never heard of:

1. Customer Wants Vs Customer Needs

Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton are earning more profits because they appeal to what the customer wants, even though they don’t need it. Don’t underestimate your products because if you have not heard it yet, handmade is the new luxury.

If you want to sell high-profit items, then consider the customers’ wants rather than their needs.

2. Focus On Your Best Items

Focusing on your best items is a great way to build better relationships with your customers and resellers. It also helps you become more efficient at processing orders and doing customer support service.

To do this, research items that have constant, on-going demand rather than listing every item you can and relying on volume.

3. Don’t Play Favoritism

Don’t focus on your favorite products. Put your time and effort on products from the perspective of your customers and NOT yourself. If a product doesn’t have interest, then drop it and focus on finding a new product that converts better, even if you think it is great.

4. Free Vs Paid Traffic

Most of us like free things. Unfortunately, free traffic has a downside: It takes time to work. It takes time for Google to index your website, it takes time to climb up the search engine rankings.

If you want to leverage free traffic that is fine, but be prepared to be patient. If you want fast results, use paid traffic.

5. Using Paid Traffic

If you want to check the capability of your products, paid traffic will give you a good benefit. It offers you instant traffic wherein you don’t have to wait for Google to index your site and send you free traffic to see if the product converts well or not. This allows you to instantly find out by sending some paid traffic towards it… and use it to figure out which items are duds and avoid them!

6. Build A Sales Funnel

You can easily develop a sales funnel with upsells. By increasing the profit you make for each customer, it means that you’ll earn a higher CPM (cost-per-mile) than your competitors that aren’t building a funnel.

You can then afford to out-buy their paid traffic because you’re earning more money than them.

7. Think Ahead

During the Q4 2016 season, Amazon closed their Amazon FBA warehouses to new FBA sellers. This was unexpected, and a great lesson as to why you should think ahead because the industry is dynamic. Never take anything for granted.

If you want to learn more, check this video by Sarah:

We wish you liked our tips and hope you make money from them. If you have more tips. Please let us know in the comments.

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