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We can all agree that customer service is tremendously important, but around the holidays, it becomes even more crucial.

3 Customer Service Tips According To Etsy Top SellersNo matter how great your product is or how talented you are, one of the things that customers are most likely to remember is the direct interaction they have with your company.

So how do you provide excellent customer service according to Etsy’s top sellers?

Check these tips found on Etsy forums:

1. Time

Megan from MegansMenagerie
I’m always there for my customers day or night with any questions they may have. Customers really appreciate that!

amanda from SmallthingsbyAmanda
I think responding quickly to buyers sorting out any problems that might happen occasionally quickly fairly and honestly and keep buyer informed about what is happening.

Treating all buyers equally not just dealing with the ones you think are important and ignoring the others.

2. Shipping

Donna from EasilySent
I sign my name to the invoice and say thanks! I find the best fastest shipping method. My theory is the longer it stays in shipping land the more likely it will be damaged. I never have damages.

I carefully package the item and I always send a free gift as a surprise. I never tell someone about it or try to use it as a sales ploy unless it’s an international order and they are paying a lot for shipping. I try to send something that is to their tastes.

3. Empathy

Jen from jenscloset
I think like a customer! I know how I want to be treated as a customer. If I receive a question I answer asap! I wrap with care some orders arrive safe and sound. I offer discounts to repeat customers.

I send a thank you with every order. Today I had to go to Macy’s, wow! That’s an example of poor customer service. No salesclerks to be found! Be appreciative of your customers that is why you are in business!

Anne Hoelz from greenchildcreations
I treat each customer as I would like to be treated. I read any response I write at least 3 times before sending it to check for courtesy, spelling, and grammar. If the customer comes to me with a problem – I look at it as an opportunity to make them happy.

Above all, I am always courteous and professional. One of my favorite things about packing up an order is to write a hand-written thank you note on their invoice and then strategically place it in their shipment so they see it and know I appreciate them! Each customer service experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Other Tips

Cheryl from LaRocheStudios

  1. Write product descriptions and use photos that are clear and accurate.
  2. Ship within 1 -2 days and use tracking and insurance.
  3. Return all convo’s within 24 hours.
  4. Package items carefully and include a short hand written note.
  5. Have a return policy that allows for returns for any reason within 14 days.

Jeanne Marie from SewMyGoodnessShop
Great customer service is a combination of offering a top notch product at a fair price, packaging it attractively, shipping promptly and expressing appreciation for the customer’s patronage. If there is a problem or question, it should be addressed promptly and courteously.

Zoui from XZOUIX

  1. First of all, i never let the people wait:
    instant responses to all messages
    and when it comes to orders:
  2. careful packaging,
  3. priority shipping with a tracking number,
  4. hand written thank you cards,
  5. thank you discount coupon code with every purchase,
  6. well-crafted products 🙂

Watch this video by Marie Forleo to build customer trust:

trafficplayerwpSo, how do you give your customers a great experience? Is it about the little things for you, like a handwritten note in your packages, or is it a whole philosophy for you?

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