Why Handmade Items Are Becoming The New Form Of Luxury

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Luxury is a really nice idea for most people. We tend to think that their high prices indicates high quality. Also, these items have an air of history, class, and durability that’s supposed to surpass their lower name or no name cheap counterparts.

why-handmade-items-are-becoming-the-new-form-of-luxuryHowever, most of this is image based, as even now nearly all luxury products are produced cheaply in Chinese factories. Furthermore, the companies that boast well-established histories are now mere fractions of giant luxury brand conglomerates.

Turns out, all the brands striving for unique identities are really just different facets of the same glittering gem. Long histories in small family businesses have been eroded by time and globalization.

Quality has been sacrificed for quantity as most hand-crafted quality products have been traded for Asian factories to minimize production costs.

So how do handmade items become a luxury?

The luxury you’re looking for might be right in your backyard. Local is the new haute couture. How so? Well, locally made items are often handcrafted by an artisan. Because they’re made individually by hand, they’re unique and one of a kind items.

Most true works of art are created by hand because it is a matter of essence. They are sought-after and their shapes, materials and details strike a balance between new trends and tradition. Also, they are an extension of the character of those possessing them.

Jewelry, dresses, shirts, and scarves are everywhere, and they’re beautiful, well-made quality products. If you want something custom, all you need to do is ask. That’s how I came to the conclusion that local is the new luxury. Or somewhat a new form of haute couture.

I do know that I haven’t found local a shoemaker yet, so there are some things I might always turn to my favorite faux-luxury brands for. However, if I’m itching for some special and unique, I might be better off spending my money at the local craft shows than a high-end department store.

So what are your thoughts about this? Please let me know in the comments.

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