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Catalogues have been in use for many years by companies and businesses who wish to extend their product promotions to photos, especially to clients who have no access to see the actual product. A catalogue is also an excellent strategy to entice clients. When a catalogue is well-presented, it attracts more potential sales, because visuals play a vital role in promoting your products and services.

5 Simple & Easy to Understand Tips for Catalog Product PhotographyThat said the quality of the photos presented in the catalogue should look equally appealing and professional without altering the look of the actual product. Thus, knowing the basics of photography can be extremely helpful.

Importance of catalogue images

When creating a catalog for your products, images for your products take center stage. Descriptions come in second, because most consumers, when searching for items, are more likely to view the images first and description next. Adding high-quality images to your catalogue will determine the likelihood of your potential customers to be enticed and take further look at the products presented.

To make your catalogue images high-quality, you will need to learn the basics of photography and have the basic tools. Here are the things required to revolutionize your shots into professional looking catalog images:

  1. Camera: Contrary to what most people think, you do not need a high-end and expensive camera to produce good quality photos – although if you have the options to buy high-end ones, then by all means do so. What you should learn is that regardless of the type of camera, how you take the photo and its outcome is what matters.
  2. Lights: Lighting is an essential ingredient for photography. Any good photographer will tell you that natural light is always better than any artificial light. Basically, the secret is with the lights and how you position it to enhance and emphasize the details of your product and to also make it look more enticing.
  3. Photo background: The background of the photos also plays an important role in making the images seem realistic and easy to look at. Unlike paintings and works of art that needs deeper analysis; photos for catalogs need to be the most transparent and clear as it could be. Thus, you should have a complete set of photo background that could complement the product and put it in focus.
  4. Photo editing apps: Photo editing is a common procedure done by most photographers. Although there is a fine line between enhancing a photo and completely altering it, what you should learn is on how to maintain the focus on your subject (product) and make it look more realistic.

Here are some simple and easy tips for your catalogue photography:

Tip 1: Lighting ideas according to your products
As discussed earlier, lights are essential to photography and how your photos will turn out. It means that the product of your shoot will depend on the types of lighting, the angle and the brightness of your lights. You should also consider the types of products you will be shooting. Does it work well with dark light or bright light? Knowing, how to use lights will bring your photo subject to focus.

Tip 2: Using product enhancing backgrounds to increase focus
Backgrounds are important because they can either make or break the focus on your photo subject. Since the subject is your product, edit photo background to a type that complements your subject to maintain the focus there. Advisable backgrounds are plain and light-colored, but should you wish to add designs, ensure that it does not take too much of the focus.

Tip 3: Selecting right equipment makes difference
Basic equipment are the camera, the lights and photo editing apps. You can also add in a tripod, varying lenses and photo processing systems if you need to develop the photos. On the contrary, you need not to invest in overly expensive photography equipment to product high-quality images. You only need the basic equipments and basic photography skills to shoot good product images.

Tip 4: Achieving an ideal composition
To achieve your ideal composition, you should creatively put together your equipment and photo editing skills to come up with images that are enhanced and focused on the product.

Tip 5: Enhancing your images via post editing
Enhancing your images does not end, unless you are fully satisfied and you know that the photos can truly entice potential customers. After editing, you can edit background of a photo further to bring a higher focus on the product and to keep the background from taking any of the focus from the photo subject.

Posting high-quality and attractive photos on your catalogue can help boost your business. For many clients, the quality and effectiveness of a product begins with its appearance. Enhancing the appearance with the help of catalog product photography can advance sales and productivity significantly.

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