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Do you ask and thank your customers after purchasing from you and they still don’t leave feedback?

5 Steps To Get Your Customers Leave Feedback For Your ProductsFeedback is totally voluntary and is as important to sellers as it is to buyers. Here are the benefits of receiving online feedback to your online store:

  1. Pushes your website up the local search rankings in Google
  2. Gives you a free advertising platform
  3. Provide recommendations that other customers are more likely to trust other than your own product descriptions
  4. Provide you with ideas on how to improve your business
  5. Lets you get to know your customers

Feedback not always the easiest things in the world to get, but they’re worth the hard work. Here are some tips to help you get your customers leave a review.

1. Email

Email marketing is not only about product promotion. It is also one of the most valuable ways to gather candid customer feedback. You can easily set up your email marketing strategy with GetResponse or Aweber.

However, there are a few ways you can improve the way customers reach out to you via email to maximize this channel’s effectiveness. You can put in your signature where they can find you such as your testimonials’ page and social media accounts…

Also, if you provide customer support and you sense that they’re in a good mood such as receiving a ‘thank you’ or ‘appreciation’ message… ask them to provide feedback on your facebook and reviews’ page as well.

2. Surveys

Conducting an online customer survey is easy nowadays. There are so many potential questions you could be asking to customers, but you have to be careful in your approach. Don’t bore your customers! If you’ve been shopping anywhere before, you’ve likely gotten receipts that encourages you to complete a survey. Most of the time, the company offers a chance for you to win a prize or you’ll get a free coupon if you complete the survey.

Give back to your customers by giveaways or excellent customer support. This is a great way to get feedback from your customers while the transaction is still fresh in their minds.

3. Interviews

Interviews can be beneficial in getting feedback from customers especially when you conduct it the right way. Truly understanding your customers is often as easy as talking to them directly.

Focus on user attitudes. Explore how users think about a problem. Asking them what they think about your newly designed jewelry, knitted hat, scented soap, etc will get you nowhere, but understanding their impressions will allow you to alter features to understanding what they really want.

Don’t let distance stop you from having one-on-one interviews with customers or people who are successful on their handmade business since you can get face-to-face online with programs like Skype and even share screens with tools like Join.me.

4. Blogs

Do research about blogs related to your handmade business and send them an email. If they agree to your conditions, distribute your products to these bloggers in exchange for a review. You’ll get good feedback from bloggers, helping you improve your product, and your craft business will get publicity in the blogger’s review. Just make sure your products are ready to be sent out as negative reviews can cost you severely.

This is also one of the reasons why your craft business should have a blog. You will be free to write anything you want about your products and you’ll get in touch with other bloggers.

5. Social Media

Social media is a great assistant in listening to your target audience and gathering candid feedback from customers. Comments or mentions on social networks aren’t the only way for your business to get responses. There are also other ways to check their responses such as making a poll on Facebook, checking the hashtags in Instagram and Twitter to see what people are mentioning about your products. In this instance social platforms can be utilized successfully and get customers involved with your page.

For more information, read how much customer reviews are worth.

These are just a few ways that you can get your customers to leave feedback on your craft website.

There are also many other effective strategies for promoting your handmade business online. If you have something in mind, please let us know in the comment box below what other great ideas you have to facilitate reviews for creative businesses.

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