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Do you feel that organizing your Etsy Shop is just like running a B&M store or being at a trade show?

OAll day long you have to straighten shelves and restock items to make sure that the next batch of customers will still find them appealing and probably bring you sales. This routine action may be exhausting and takes a lot of your time but organizing is a basic task which keeps your site neat and attractive that keeps buyers at your site longer. The good news, there are always solutions for every problem.

So, what do Etsy sellers need to do to keep their shop organized?

Lisa from SkinCraftOrganics said, “Ahhh… I have such difficulty with that myself! I just do it so it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye (my eye) for the first few pages… and I keep my samples in the back pages.. I’ve thought about putting a direction to my Shop Section on my banner (maybe with an arrow pointing to the left side) so people realize they can view my shop that way because I don’t think some people realize they can do that.”

Another Etsy seller told us, “I arrange my shop loosely by category, but it only stays that way on the desktop version. Looking at my store in the Etsy mobile app, it’s sorted by listing date.

If you sort your shop, be ready to rearrange it every time you add new items. I stopped sorting by color for that reason. Too time consuming.” – L.E. Carruba from SurrealHaloStudio

 “I don’t organize it much at all (but it’s an intentionally modest shop). Bear in mind that unless you are bringing buyers directly to your shop (through off-etsy advertising), a buyer generally comes to a listing as a result of search. If your XYZ widget is not the right color/size/price/whatever, they will click back to search results and never even see your entire shopfront.

I wouldn’t recommend over-analyzing it. But, if you do, make sure you don’t bunch up items—show your variety (at least on the first page).” –VintageRescueSquad

Here are more additional tips for you to keep organized:


Use sections to organize your different type of products. Even if you don’t sell different types of items, you can use sections to organize by materials used, size, or price. You’re allowed ten sections in all.

To create a section, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Your Shop link and proceed to Shop Name
  2. Click the Add Shop Sections link on the left side of the page.
  3. Type a name for the new section in the Create a Section field.
  4. The name can contain as many as 24 characters.
  5. In addition to using your shop title and shop announcement, Google uses your section titles as keywords for search. Opt for section titles that double as likely keywords.
  6. Click the Save button and Etsy will create a sections, using the name you typed.
  7. To add another section, click the Create New Section link and repeat steps 3 to 6.
  8. To change the order in which sections appear, click the icon to the left of the section and drag it to the desired spot in the order.


Go to your shop name and click on it. Then you’ll see some choices along the left hand side in a column. Click “options” You have to enable the “rearrange” option for your shop.


Organizing your Etsy shop would be more effective if you start organizing what you have at hand. Manage your time, pricing for your creations and inventory and everything else follows through online which is what Craft Maker Pro is all about.

If you are just starting out, you may feel confused as there will be a lot of info to put together, but once you’re organized it can be easy to maintain your organization.

Check our A to Z Handmade Business Guide to help with more useful information on organization and management of your creative biz.

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