7 Must-Have Marketing Apps For Etsy Sellers

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Online marketing has undergone a tremendous change since its early days. Where there used to be only backlinks and metadata, there is now a whole new universe of marketing channels.

Here are our list of 7 apps and to simplify your marketing efforts:

1. Shopseen

shopseenShopseen will help you enter products, get them listed anywhere you sell including Etsy, get them promoted everywhere your customers are, and get your products shipped out the door – from your laptop or your phone. It also allows you to load pictures once, then list your item in all your sale spots. To sum it all, Shopseen helps you post, promote, sync, and ship all your products.

2. Referral Candy

referralcandyReferralCandy is a fully automated referral program.It helps you run a referral program to get your customers to tell their friends about your Etsy shop. Other features include integration with Etsy in an easy way, social media integration, customizable emails, sends out all emails for you, and coupon codes will be created and deleted automatically by the app. It also tracks successful referrals and delivers rewards automatically.

3. NerdWallet Indie

nerdwalletNerdWallet Indie is a site that gets thousands of visits every day, with shoppers looking for the best deals on the greatest handmade and creative products. They will help you in marketing yourEtsy shop by listing your coupons, deals, and flash sales on this site. You will not only find the vast collection of coupons and financial insight incredibly valuable, you’ll also love that NerdWallet engages the small business community with contests and other exciting opportunities.

4. EtsySales Map

etsy sales appEtsySales Map creates a map showing where your customers are. The map will be updated nightly, so you can return to view your progress or even embed the map in your own website or blog. Only the location data from Etsy is used. Details about you and your customers are not stored or displayed by the app. The pin locations are correct down to the zip code only, so the street addresses of your customers stay private. This will certainly help you get an insight on how many countries you’ve sold to.

5. Cr8tivity

cr8tvtyCr8tivity provides marketing and sales tools for your Etsy shop, scrolling widgets for your blog, and create product flyers for your shop. This app allows you to create a downloadable CSV format of on sale items for a shop, create a downloadable PDF format product flyer for an item for sale, and shows your shop’s and item’s heart and view count. If you have a twitter account, you can tweet about your or someone else’s store or products without leaving the site. Also, if you have a Facebook account you can share products and stores in your Facebook page without leaving the site.

6. Merchpin

marchpinMerchpin is a self-service merchandizing platform for brands and marketers. Itsyncs with any store, cart, feed or file.It will help you create personalized rules to target and merchandize products on websites, blogs, even Facebook. Your products will definitely look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Also, you can define rules to display products that complement existing content and create new buying opportunities outside your existing e-commerce storefront.

7. PopWatchers

powatchersPopWatchers shows the most popular items from the most trusted sites on one page. They have partnered with sites such as eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Etsy, Zappos, Oodle, &Bonanzle to make their customers able to get to the great stuff quicker. So if you’re a seller on these sites, you can have your items promoted here to get more exposure and sales. There are 35 product categories to choose from, each with choice selections from their partner sites. They highlight one of the most popular items for each category.

If I am missing any of your favorite sales apps in this list, feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the best applications to help Etsy sellers sell better.

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