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Are you looking for a different marketplace that is not Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, or Artfire? Tribello might be the one you need.

Tribello Marketplace – All You Need To KnowActually, Tribello Pty Ltd was integrated on 01 Dec 2016 as an Australian Private Company and is based in Australia, in Melbourne CBD (Central business district).

How This Marketplace Work?

Tribello is not a complete flea market theme but a curated marketplace that is targeting to be recognized for its quality of makers. And amongst makers as truly trying to help them sell more product.

When they say curated, they mean they don’t just accept any application. They only accept sellers that have a good track record of sales online and have been in the business for a while.

They go through a more detailed review of the applications every time they take a new seller. This method is great to guarantee high quality makers who can deliver the goods and are legitimate providers.

If people think that one seller doesn’t fit in the crowd, you can easily contact them at

What Makes It Different From Other Handmade Marketplace?

As you can see, Tribello is a maker-centric marketplace that is planned to inspire and connect makers in the industry. It is a platform rather than just a standard marketplace to list products.

Most sellers are frustrated with other marketplace because it’s like their products were a needle in a haystack. For buyers, it was being inundated with many products of sub par quality. That is why the modeled this marketplace to be more seller-friendly.

They placed an emphasis on helping Makers expand their businesses and improve their opportunities for success.


Tribello offers no listing fees but requires sellers to pay 2.5% commission to Tribello for 12 months. Normally 5% commission.

Free access to Price Drop Sales for 1 month. Normally $5 per month. 5% commission applies.

Do They List Non-Handmade Items?

As a handmade enthusiast, unfortunately, yes but not your HD TV’s or anything of the kind.

On the brighter side, it’s more about high quality and indie made. Whether this is designed or physically created by the vendor. It is also made for sellers who are trying to make a difference in the world.

It is also a venue for vintage pieces/antiques. As there is an art form in curation itself.

Tribello looks like a nice marketplace to check out and to put yourself out there into another marketplace with a bit of a twist!

But can it be the Etsy Killer? That will remain to be seen! As with all start ups!

But, one thing is for sure, it’s doing something different!

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