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Do you feel like someone is bullying you? As a result, it greatly affects you emotionally and financially.

How To Deal With Business Bullies InstantlyMost sellers encounter business bullies. They’re not just pushy, but an emotional or intellectual bully. These people are not common, but they can be a ball of negative energy. They can make you do things you wouldn’t do for/with anyone else. Most of the time, they manipulate you and put you on pressure to make decisions you don’t feel good about, don’t enjoy when you do them, and will most likely regret later.

These bullies can be your employees, business partners, contractors, and even your customers.

Are you intimidated that these business bullies threaten you by?

  1. Yelling
  2. Threatening to leave negative reviews
  3. Throwing or damaging things
  4. Ridiculing, sarcasm
  5. Interrupting
  6. Rumors or gossip
  7. Dirty looks
  8. Work dumping
  9. Cyber bullying (flame email, text, chat)
  10. Withholding necessary information

Of course, this problem is not new. Business bullies have been around since the beginning of civilized society and are not likely to disappear soon. So how should you deal with them?

Check this very interesting video by Kelly Nishimoto and learn how to deal with business bullies in less than 10 minutes:


When you used these tips, you’re most likely get resistance from the business bully to this behavioral change in you.

However, as you continue, the business bully will get used to it and will eventually have no choice but to accept it.

Even better, as you continue to carry out these tips, they will have a clear expectation from you and your business.

This is very easy to do, but as you continue, you’ll get more skilled at it.

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