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If you are looking for a new online craft-related environment aside from Etsy, you could try Artfire’s Community Forum.

40-artfire-forumArtfire forums will allow you to vote on users positively or negatively using a reputation bar seen only by the other logged-in participants. This use of community voting and moderation has never been seen in an artisan forum structure previously even on Etsy community.

How Artfire Forums Work?

If you vote down a user, they essentially go into a kind of “time out” in which they are able to continue posting but the public and shoppers are not able to see those posts for a period of time, depending on their reputation score.

You can also vote up the user which provides the artist and their items with additional exposure in the forums.

Artfire’s forum also integrated an e-commerce aspect into the community features. If you are a pro seller, you can post in the forums your items which will be displayed along the right size of the screen, available for buyers to hotlist or purchase without leaving the page.

To get started, login to Artfire and go to Artfire’s interact tab and then click ‘Chatterbox Forums’.

Take advantage of this feature and go to Artfire now!

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