7 Reasons Why Your Etsy Shop Is Failing

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SEO is an important thing if you want success for you Etsy shop. Maximizing SEO is really important for website owners and Etsy sellers looking for new customers, but all the information floating around about tags, keywords and formulas can make things a little confusing.

7-Reasons-Why-Your-Etsy-Shop-Is-FailingHere are 7 reasons why your Etsy shop is failing and solutions to make it right:

1. Ignoring SEO

SEO is very important if you want to be visible on Etsy. There are things that you should consider for your SEO strategy on Etsy – titles, section names, product listings, descriptions and keywords – so that the search engines can index your shop pages which usually makes a big difference in the number of visitors to your Etsy shop.

Keywords are also important.Use keywords that are used over and over again to search for the products or service you are selling. Using keyword phrases that you think would be used to search for your products or services usually does not work. You need to make a factual research about it and the Google Keyword Tool can help you.

2. Using General Keywords

Using too general keywords such as, bracelets, necklaces, cards, and paintings is not a good idea.These keywords are too general and there are so many websites competing for these high traffic words. Using keyword phrases that are more specific will work better for you, such as, “watercolor paintings,” and “sterling silver bracelets.”

3. Not Checking The Title Tag

Etsy sometimes cuts off the last word to make room for “by username.” So check the title tag of the program code for each page of your shop. The last word is often the one you do not want to have cut off. Always check the program code after you add keywords to the shop title and the product listings to make sure all of your keywords are included in the title tag.
You can find the title tag for each page of your shop in the Internet Browser you are using by clicking on “View” in the drop-down menu and then clicking on “Source” or “Page Source.” The title tag is near the top of the code and looks like this:your keyword phrase and your keyword phrase by username

4. Not Building Links

Adding keywords to all the parts of your Etsy shop does allow the search engines to index your shop for your keywords but without building links, your shop will not show on the top 10 of Google’s search result. The higher your shop goes in the search results, the more visitors will come to your shop.
Good sources of building inbound links:

  1. Facebook. Even though Facebook links with “nofollow” tags, Google seems to ignore the “no follow” and gives link value to Facebook fan pages that are used frequently
  2. Your own blog.
  3. Other blogs with articles about you that link to your shop
  4. Etsy forums
  5. Links between your listings and your main shop page and sections

5. Ignoring Your Competition

Check the top 10 sites that appear in Google’s search results for the same keywords you are using. These sites are your competition and knowing what the competition is doing – how many links as well as the quality of the links – gives you a good idea of what you need to do to come up high in the search results. Use Yahoo’s Site Explorer to research the Web sites competing for your keywords.

6. Not Monitoring SEO

Popular keyword phrases sometimes lose popularity over time. The competition is always working on SEO and you should too. Review your chosen keyword phrases at least twice a year and make adjustments as needed.

7. Not Using Developers Tool Bar in Firefox

This tool identifies which links really give your shop link value. A lot of time can be wasted in leaving links all over the internet that have no value to your shop. The Developers Tool Bar can be added to the Firefox browser.

We hope this post will help you increase your Etsy shop’s SEO performance. If you think we missed something, please let us know in the comment box below.

Thanks and happy selling!

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  1. So funny. We are opening our store on shopify this month and I was considering opening up an etsy shop as well. I held back, because etsy is so saturated right now. Also our business model may be a little off for it. We let customers create custom beauty masks online and ship it to their door. They can mix and match 70 natural ingredients. (yes, I am sneaking that in there…lol).
    We also have a retail line that is premixed facial maks and scrubs. That will probably go on etsy. Hopefully your tips, which I am already doing for my site but never thought about it for etsy, will help me get on the first page for face mask or facial.


    1. Good luck Mel, your site looks great and I think my wife would love this so I have pinged her the link.

      FYI, you just need to make a change to the popup you have that comes up as it still says that your site is coming soon and to signup to be notified when it is launched 🙂

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