The Best Form of Leverage (That They Don’t Teach In MLM)

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You might have heard about the term “leverage” a lot. It’s helpful in business.

The Best Form of Leverage That They Don’t Teach In MLMTo put it simply, it is the use of the resources of others to build or gain something for yourself.

This word gets thrown out a lot in MLM. And it’s true, it works.

You leverage the time and efforts of others so you can gain more. Same with business. Same with life, if you wanna come out at the top and survive.

The most helpful, and most valuable leverage though, is to leverage off other people’s experience.

People who are ahead of you. People who have repeatedly done what you want to do.

No more feeling like you’re on a Sisyphean climb, with bills to pay…

No more wondering if you should just give up and go back to the job you hate…

No more wrong investments, wrong people, money mismanagement, your spouse looking at you with their eyes saying “I told you so”…

Books, seminars, research on your competitors, joining craft show groups, and inner circles.. these are by far, the best form of leverage that you can do so you can BE FINALLY FREE from the things that hold you back in business, the soonest time possible.

Experts condense years of experience into something you can USE RIGHT NOW, so you should take it and bask in the glory of a shortcut.

Sure, you can learn from your own experiences too…but it’s stupid, painful, and costly.

And you should stop doing this. Instead, take the shortcut and make the best damn investment that you can, to yourself.

Check this video by Evan Carmichael to see how “leverage” can help you and your business:

How often do you leverage the experience of others?

What do you want to learn right now?

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