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WOMAN, what’s stopping you?

What’s Stopping Women From Business SuccessMajority of my clients are women. Most Craft Maker Pro are women.

When I talk to them
– why it took them so long to start a business
– why they think they are falling behind in business
– why they don’t talk about their results enough

I would have guessed they were just…scared of failing.

But I was wrong.

As I dug deeper, I found out that they are most scared of is the embarrassment of failing. Not failing per se, but the embarrassment.

Like if they can fail in silence, they’ll totally do it.

They are afraid of not being taken seriously, they want to break free from being “just a housewife” or “just a freelancer” or “just a startup” and even talk like these words are negative.

They wanna be something more and to make something that they can claim their own, and they want that to be successful….but they feel like they won’t be able to take failure.

In my other business, where we deliver meaningful stories about achievements and we helped people in the industry, 90% of our clients are male. These guys never had problems pumping their chests.

One of these guys have been in prison, TWICE.

One of these guys used to be a drug addict.

One of these guys had failed at least 5 small businesses before hitting the jackpot.

They never faltered. They even talked about openly, and they wear their failure like a badge of honor.

It seems like women have a harder time pumping their chests or investing in publicity because again, “what if it doesn’t work out?”

According to them, the embarrassment would be unbearable.

So why should you keep going?

I noticed that women get more flak when talking about results.

People – sadly, mostly women – feel like it’s being boastful, or immodest.

But really, how else is one going to build her name properly without showing results?

Your visual branding and value can only go so far. It’s results that people want. It’s results that people want to pay for.

Never let anxiety of talking about your results get in the way of your professional growth, and that should never happen again.

When you got better at announcing your results, the people you helped, the handmade creations you shared, and giving the public a VIP pass to all of the things you were able to help your customers get or achieve, more and more people will know your name and business, and what you are good for.

And for me, that’s the heart of positioning – people knowing what you do, AND how good you are at what you do.

Feeling stumped because you can’t “get leads”?

You get leads by consistently showing people THAT. You do it through a combo of the following:

  1. SEO
  2. paid ads
  3. customer feedback
  4. updated social media accounts

And lastly, sustained strength of portfolio.

But think about it, really…if you never tried, when you’re old, you’ll be much more embarrassed, not to other people, but to yourself.

And your children. And your children’s children.

When you keep talking about this ONE BIG IDEA that didn’t work out because you were too scared to start, too scared to tell people about it, and too scared to take action on, trust me, you will be more embarrassed.

So take it. Take your chance now. Start a business or keep the fire burning in your business. Help people. Then tell people WHO YOU ARE, and most of all HOW GOOD YOU ARE.

You know that saying “nice girls don’t get the corner office”? Well, f*** the corner office right, I want the whole building – as a crafting space! 😉

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