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Today’s artisans—especially handmade artists and jewelers – want to use holiday gift guides not only to get inspiration from but also for showcasing their products.

How To Get Your Products Into Holiday Gift GuidesYou’re reading this on our blog because it is now a hot topic on Etsy forums that the holiday season is coming.

So don’t be left behind and know the basic rules in getting your products into holiday gift guides.

But why should holiday gift guides be part of your publicity strategy?

Being featured in a holiday gift guide can mean more traffic to your Etsy shop (and potentially more sales) during the holidays.

Inclusion in a gift guide can also increase your brand’s credibility with other press outlets and boost awareness of your brand among your target customers.

And what should you do to get noticed?

If you’re thinking, “No way! Only big brands with big budgets make it in those guides,” you couldn’t be further from the truth.

But, if you want your product to be featured, you need to start pitching to gift-guide editors now instead of waiting to be discovered.

There is room for everyone if you have the right approach and something newsworthy to pitch and most importantly, if you have the right knowledge on how to get featured from these gift guides/magazines/blogs.

So how do you make a perfect pitch?

Now that you have the contact information for the right editor, it’s time to write the perfect pitch email. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. “Make your subject line sing,” and “Don’t send a pitch that was clearly part of a mass mailing.” says Joseph Hernandez, associate digital editor at Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which publishes wine reviews and stories about wine culture.
  2. Keep your email short and direct (no more than 2 to 3 paragraphs of 2 to 3 sentences each).
  3. Be sure to include who your product is a good gift for, three reasons why that publication’s readers will love to give or get your products as a gift, and a little information about you and how your products are made.
  4. Include an image with your email pitch (inline, not as an attachment), and let the editor know you can provide print-quality images.
  5. Invest the effort to your product photos. Even if you have greatest products in the world, if they don’t look great in photos, you’re not going to make it into a magazine.
  6. Offer to send a sample of your products. (You can specify whether you’d like the sample returned to you or not.)

And then send this pitch to blog or magazine editors that accept product features.

Make sure you take the time to personalize your pitch by knowing the correct editor’s full name and deadlines for publications.

Realistically, it may take you months or years to get published in your favorite magazine. But I have never met a single person who said it wasn’t worth the wait. Good luck!

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