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If there’s a day worth celebrating, it’s Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Handmade Gifts Inspiration.docxWhat do you give the woman who ‘does it all’ and is often the center of the family’s household. The one who juggles a million things, and wears multiple hats?

If you want a mother to feel special this Mother’s day on May 13, try a handmade gift!

Here are tons of DIY ideas to say I love you this Mother’s Day. Find the perfect gift she’ll adore.

1. Jewelry


A jewelry is a classic gift that makes mothers happy, but they don’t always have to be expensive. If it’s personalized, it becomes more memorable. Check this out from @sweet_blossom_gifts.

2. Preserved Flowers


Make her feel a real beauty as she is by giving her preserved flowers where she can look at it for years. Check this beauty from @grandfleurs.

3. Food


Thank your mom for surviving your crazy butt driving her through the hood. Get more Mother’s day food inspiration from @thehayleycakes.

4. Pebble Art


Be inspired or get it straight from @watersedgestoneart where she makes wonderful handmade pieces from sea glass, beach stones, river rocks and drift wood.

5. DIY Light Up Bottle


Get inspired by @thetipsyqueen’s creation. You can also check her creations on Etsy. Mommin’ ain’t easy light up bottle!

6. Handmade Cards


Surprise a mother with this gorgeous handmade greeting card from You can also be inspired and create your own.


Check out @typoflora’s beautiful handmade cards for all beautiful mamas! Available via their online store and stockists!

7. Ethical Homewares


Make a woman happy by giving sustainable and ethical homewares, stationery and gift ware from @sophia.mulheran.designs, based in Australia.


Bespoke timber furniture and platters will never fail to make a mother happy. Check these creations @towertimbers.

8. Comfortable Wear


Surprise a mother be giving her something cute and would make her feel warm during the winter such as this fluffy slippers from @wowdesignergiftware.

Hope you enjoy our humble list. If you are creating handmade stuff for mother’s day or you want to share what you got last year, please share it in the comments below.

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