7 Mothers Day Marketing Ideas That Will Guarantee More Sales!

Craft Maker Pro » 7 Mothers Day Marketing Ideas That Will Guarantee More Sales!

Mothers can be big business. According to Dazeinfo , at least 87% of people had planned to celebrate Mother’s day and the occasion presented a huge opportunity for retailers as it is the third largest retail holiday in the U.S. To increase sales and revenue local business are increasingly targeting customers online with attractive offers.

7 Mothers Day Marketing Ideas That Will Guarantee More Sales!So, what can you — the small or independent handmade online seller — do to tap the shopping frenzy that’s expected between now and May 10?

Here are 7 tips that really works for online crafty sellers:

1. Restaurant Marketing

Find local restaurants to offer package deals of dinner and flowers. Also give away a free product every week for the restaurant in the month before Mother’s Day – make sure that it is prominently displayed with your shop name.

2. Offer Free Shipping and Quick Shipping

If buyers have left their shopping to the last minute, then an obvious worry is will you get it to their Mom in time. Know the advantage of fast and free shipping to your business. Ensure them that you will (commit to it!), and doing it for free is always a big plus.

3. Have Something for Every Type of Mom

A lot of people have to buy for a mother, mother-in-law, step mother, and they all have different tastes. Try to make your shop one stop shopping by appealing to their different interests or styles.

4. Online Marketing

Get a Google Adwords campaign ready now for the month before Mother’s Day. Google Ads are great for getting customers just as they are about to spend money.If you’re new to Google Ads, call their toll free number – they will help you target ads at local buyers. Include a coupon or mention of a special in the ad.

In addition, make sure when users click on your website that it answers all questions in less than 5 seconds – your location, phone number, guarantee policy, years in business – and products with discounted prices.

5. Hold a Mother’s Day Contest

Invite your social media followers to submit their favorite “Mom Memories” to be entered in a drawing and then feature their entries as a post on your blog. Entrants will share their “featured post” on your website with everyone they know which drives people to your website and increases visibility.

Other Mother’s Day contest ideas include holding a “Moms that look like Celebrities” look-alike contest, Mom of the Year, Why My Mom Rocks, Mother’s Day Makeovers, and even “Best ‘Adopted’ Mom” (honoring those people who influenced someone’s life but was not their biological mother.)

6. Promote Father’s Day

Chances are that not everyone will find what they want while visiting your online crafts store. But don’t let them go as easy as that. Even though Father’s Day is still two months away, ask your customers for email address and suggestions for what they’d like to see you carry for Father’s Day. Let them know that if they give you this info, you’ll send them a discount code for when they come back to shop for Father’s day.

7. Bundle items for Mom and Dad

Offering bundled items — one for the gift giver to give to mom in May, and one for Dad in June — can save your customers a significant amount of time, and money and create a memorable shopping experience along the way.

Remember, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, people love being entertained and love originality!If your store is doing something unique for Mother’s Day, let us know in the comments below! We always love hearing how retailers are upping the ante and creating memorable experiences for their customers.

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