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What recording tool should I use? What microphone is best? How will I make my video tutorial interesting? Find the answer to these questions by reading further.

How-To-Make-Exciting-Video-TutorialsVideo tutorials are not only used to share knowledge but also to help handmade businesses market their brands and provide more visual documentation for customers. And it’s not that difficult or expensive to do.

This tutorial will show you how to produce high quality video tutorials.

Video Outline

Prepare the outline for your video by simply using bullets points and then read through it a few times to familiarize yourself with it. Arrange the text to suit the flow of the message you are trying to deliver.

It is also important to list the key concepts users will need to understand, and plan out a logical flow of content that introduces those concepts, then build on them with practical application-related information.

What you’ll end up with is likely a series of steps. Make these into headings and subheadings within your tutorial. Also, don’t forget to organizethe images, illustrations, web pages, videos, etc. that will be used in the tutorial for a more spontaneous video tutorial.


If you’re recording the video in your house or at the office, you may have to plan for a time when other people won’t be there or will still be asleep, such as early in the morning. This helps prevent any noises and interruptions from coming in during your recording. You can’t expect the world to stop distracting you just because you want to record a video, so you have to consider the noisy variables ahead of time and try to avoid them.


Recording software:
I personally like Screenflow as I work on a mac and I find it very easy to use and the finished output looks great, You can see a whole bunch of video tutorials I made using Screenflow for Craft Maker Pro in our support section. Camtasia is very popular for those who use PC and it is also available on Mac as well now. Both of these options do cost a few bucks so if you are looking to budget then there are also several free reliable recording software programs you can choose from.

Make your tutorial more attractive with callouts (video illustrations such as text or pictures), some flash effects, or with PowerPoint slides. Prepare the things you want to add to the video, and make sure that they can be combined.

Also, don’t be on a rush. Focus on each step, try not to make an error and don’t do any unnecessary actions. Some of the first videos I recorded took up to 7 times to get right. Practice makes perfect so don’t expect miracles and give up on the first few runs.

Audio is important in video tutorials so test your mic and avoid using your laptop’s built-in mic (because it sounds like a CB radio). Make your voice lively so your customers won’t get bored. One way to maintain a lively voice is to imagine you are explaining something to a close friend or family member you feel very comfortable around as you shoot the video.

Make it simple. Don’t use words that your audience won’t understand. If you have to, define it in an easy way that they can understand. For example, don’t say something like ‘Scaling your images down changes the pixel size’, say something like ‘Scaling the image down, makes the picture smaller’.

Uploading Video To Youtube

Learn to upload your video on Youtube. If you’ve posted the video to YouTube, you can embed it on your site by copying and pasting the link for the video into the video drag-and-drop object. By then, you can start marketing your videos and expect more customer engagement on your craft business’ website.

So, we’ve finished producing an exciting video tutorial for your handmade business’ marketing strategy with only a computer and some software.

Get started with your own tutorial right now or if you’ve already created a YouTube tutorial and have tips to share, please feel free to comment below.

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