LOOK: One Etsy Category Got Replaced And The Handmade Community Is Not Pleased

Craft Maker Pro » LOOK: One Etsy Category Got Replaced And The Handmade Community Is Not Pleased

Recently, Etsy did something in their website that sparked an outrage from its users. It is the Vintage category being replaced by Gifts.

LOOK One Etsy Category Got Replaced And The Handmade Community Is PissedFor a quick overview, some people can still see the Vintage category without the subcategories when you hover it, however, other people can’t totally see Vintage and see the category Gifts instead as a replacement.

According to Janine from MomsantiquesNthings: “I see the browse categories now have changed, vintage is no longer there but replaced by “Gifts”! Seriously?

Sales have plummeted this summer for me and although over the 11 years I’ve been here I have never really seen vintage promoted much, lately I was hopeful seeing more vintage on the sale events front page. However, now seeing the vintage button completely gone it makes me feel like Etsy is pushing vintage out the door.

Does anyone else feel like this? Any vintage shop owners upset about this? Where is vintage represented here anymore??”

I hate to see vintage becoming less prominent on Etsy as vintage items are one of the most beautiful and artistic items Etsy can offer to their site visitors.

So I checked it myself and I can still see the “Vintage” category at the top right corner of the homepage.

So I am not sure what’s the commotion was all about?

So, some people no longer see Vintage as a category at the top of the homepage?


Here are what other users have to say about this incident from Etsy Forums:

Lori from elsysvintage: “My homepage says Gifts as well. I am not one to complain on here, but this is really going to hurt. My sales have already been down this month. Luckily I had one very large sale which helps. People already know Etsy as a place to purchase gifts, that’s why a lot of people shop here. There really does not need to be a link/tab for Gifts. I sent a complaint in about this.”

Janine from MomsantiquesNthings: “Mine says gifts & if you click on it, it’s curated “gift guides” editor’s picks, no categories.”

Jeanette Norman from CicadaArtJewelry: “I’m not seeing vintage either. That’s rude. If they go down that road they risk losing a huge category of sellers, as well as yet another thing that sets the site apart from most online retailers.”

People who are like me who can still see the Vintage Category, said in the same thread:

Susan Lanphere from Bansai8Creations: “Like Waffle, not in the test–still have Vintage in my categories. (And hope it stays there–anything can be a gift, so stupid to have it as a category as it means nothing to help define a category).”

collectique from Collectique: “Looks like vintage is the step child again, tis the season. Etsy has more ideas and asks that you check back as they are constantly updating.”

It turns out that not all users are seeing the same thing on the Etsy homepage. This could be a bug in their site or a test. Whatever it is, I sure hope it isn’t permanent because the vintage section should not be left behind.

Let’s wait what the Etsy admins have to say about this. How about you? What do you think of this incident? Is it a test? Or is Etsy thinking of a new update? Please let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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