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Do you want to show your creations to people around the world? If yes, you need to learn that basic seo is different from international seo strategies.

International SEO Tips For Handmade SellersWhy do you need to learn international seo?

Basic SEO is “Fools Gold”, International SEO is where the real treasure is. Less competition, and a much larger audience.

There are a lot of hidden gem keywords to rank for in foreign countries!

Don’t get me wrong, local seo is still key, you can focus on the the first 10 miles before the next 10 miles as the customers local to you help keep overheads down. This then helps with your margins and ensure you are known to more people local to your business.

However, if you have built a stable local seo strategy and want to expand your reach, you might be interested to see this international seo checklist from Moz.

international seo

In addition, you should also check these international seo tips from Neil Patel to get started:


As you have seen, the basics of international SEO goes beyond just translating the content of your site. It’s a totally different SEO practice that requires research and analysis to follow the right path in getting the attention of your target international audience. Otherwise, it would be difficult to achieve your international SEO goals.

Now, are you ready to take a step towards expanding your business? If you’re excited or hesitant to do it, share us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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