Why Is It Okay To Be At Rock Bottom With Your Business

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Do you think your business is at low and not selling as high as they used to be? Or are you just starting out and still not selling high?

Why Is It Okay To Be At Rock Bottom With Your BusinessIf you want the career of your dreams, you’re probably tired of the same old business tips like “pay your dues” and “follow your passion”.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or entrepreneurially-minded, it pays to listen to someone who have been there at rock bottom and was able to bounce back to the top.

Jaclyn Johnson is a woman you want to know. She started her now multi-million dollar company, Create & Cultivate, after a devastating career setback.

She went from rock bottom to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in just a few years.

In the video below from Marie TV, Jaclyn opens up about getting fired, a failed business partnership, and how the idea of Create & Cultivate came to be.

You’ll also learn 4 questions to ask yourself if you want to start a business and 3 pieces of career advice that helped Jaclyn get to where she is today. Check this out:


If you are one the many people who are feeling down with your business, don’t feel bad! It will be be up and running again if you just know how to move on and do your best.

If you want to share up and down moments of your business, please leave us a comment below to help inspire other people.

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