How To Optimize Your Business For Google’s “Near Me” Search

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Do you want to rank high locally in Google’s “Near Me” search? How does one go about ranking high for SEO search terms including near me with geographic relevance?

How To Optimize Your Business For Google’s Near Me SearchWhat is Near Me search, by the way?

Near me means, anytime you do a search, like woodcrafters near me, soap makers near me, whatever it may be, like organic product makers near me, right? They’re including that term, near me, in the Google search.

So, how can you rank your business when people are typing in whatever term plus near me?

1. Use Google

If you want to rank in Google, check it first in Google! Type your search plus the word “near me” and you’ll see all the localized sites that Google’s pulling from for those near me listings. Make sure you’re listed there. Being listed will help your business getting found by your target audience and that means, it will also boost your sales.

2. Proper Listing

The next tip we have is you want to make sure you’re properly listing your business. Include the necessary subsections, the local landmarks, town lines, as well as old school like driving directions to wherever that you’re servicing, because they could be all close to each other. It also helps to add a section about “how to get or find your business”. By doing that you’re gonna be much better off in getting more traffic.

3. Add Your Contact Number

Some customers would like to talk to you first before they visit you to make sure you’re available or your business is open or they got lost along the way and they needed your assistance. So make sure you add your localized number.

4. Business Review

Most people want to know about your business first before they contact your or visit your shop, whether it’s wood crafting, painting, frame making, etc. They investigate your by looking at your business reviews and they usually go to Yelp and those national services to type in your name to see how many reviews you have and if you’re legitimate.

Make sure you ask people who have a good experience to leave a review on whatever site, whether it’s Google, or whether it’s you know on Yelp or whatever it may be, because it helps create legitimacy.

Build good reviews to your business from your happy clients. When you do that, you’ll get tons of reviews, and if you have a lot of reviews, people are more likely to click on your listing, and if they click on you more than the other listings above you, eventually Google will push the other listings down and push you above them.

So, follow those tips. You’ll get way more traffic for people looking for your business or your service near you more than any online marketplace you’re using right now.

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If you have a local business, why don’t you comment below? This is an awesome community of people who are like really trying to get it all together, so tell us a little bit about the business as well, and we would love to see that.

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