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What if all of your problems are just ONE BIG problem?

Important Advice You Need To Know To Feel Good And Ensure SuccessI just realized that most people’s problems can be traced and fixed with one thing: discipline.

If you have “productivity” problem, you’re just not disciplined enough to create a schedule, stick to a schedule, and achieve things written in your schedule.

If you have a “money” problem, you’re just not disciplined enough to track your expenses, make more offers, and save and invest.

If you have a “weight” problem, guess what, you’re not disciplined enough to eat the right things and exercise.

If you have a “spouse” problem, both of you are just not disciplined (or put effort) enough to make communication better between both of you.

A friend of mine told me, “Discipline is the actual way to freedom.”

And I totally agree with it. Ever since I started taking daily discipline seriously, my life, relationships, and business changed in a short span of time.


I get it, you’ve always been a procrastinator (we’ve all just accepted that).

I get it, you think discipline is just for overachievers and nerds.

But you’re DONE just watching your mediocre life go by, right?

Here’s a simple principle I use to get disciplined: I always believe that discipline is merely to “remember what you really want”.

Keyword: REMEMBER.

Coz you know this already. You just need to be reminded of this.

Want to always sleep and/or go on a vacation all the time? REMEMBER how you felt when you looked at your competitor’s store, then seeing a lot of people buying from them, and you feel heartbroken because you know you can have that success too if you just boost your marketing efforts?

Want to watch ANOTHER episode of Friends when you know you have a deadline? REMEMBER what you need to do, and how good it felt to finish something on time, and in its best quality.

Want your husband to spend more time with you or pay more attention? REMEMBER how it felt when he did things for you, duplicate that feeling and do it first for him. Rinse and repeat with discipline. Imagine how this will change your relationship!

Check this video to learn more about business discipline from Macat:

See? Discipline can actually solve a lot of our problems.

Try applying it to your life EVERY SINGLE DAY. Be your own accountability coach. Critic. Scolding mom.

So tell me, how disciplined are you?

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