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Do you want to hear an advice that could make your life as an artist/entrepreneur easier?

10 Pieces Of Personal Advice To Open 2019If you are a handmade business owner, entrepreneur or are self-employed, you may well have complex finances. With such a focus on building and running a successful business, you may also struggle to give your finances – particularly your personal well being – the attention they need.

Before we end the first month of 2019, I would like to share 10 pieces of personal advice to you to make this year your best year ever. Here they are:

  1. Raise your standards and keep them high. Trust me, it’s SO EASY to win in business if you already have it. Even with multiple ventures.
  2. Schedule your days, weeks, months properly. This is the best way to win most days in a week, most weeks in a month, most months in a year.
  3. Take your time. Nothing is REALLY an emergency. Don’t reply to messages right away, turn off notifications. Enjoy your tea a little bit more. Laugh a little bit longer. Kiss a little bit deeper. Life is NOT short if you make every moment count.
  4. Pursue self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-development. Incessantly. You will notice a huge change in everything — your habits, the relationships around you, your success in business/ your career.
  5. Kill at least a third of your wardrobe. Invest in high quality pieces in neutral colors. Invest in great accessories too. Especially jewelry.
  6. Turn your phone/ social addiction around. Get an actual alarm clock. Track your screen time. Don’t touch your phone on the first 30 minutes of your day. Bring a small book/ notebook to aide you through “idle times”.
  7. Invest in good sleep. This is a huge thing for your mental clarity, physical energy, mood, and metabolism. My sleep is very sacred. Always 8 hours a night, on a high grade bed, with high thread count sheets, soft plush blankets, blackout curtains, and an oil diffuser. Other accessories that I have (but not use everyday): heated neck pillow, and lavender pillow powder.
  8. Follow the money! Track your main lead channels, where the biggest contracts come from, who the best referral sources are, what offers are the easiest to close, which kinds of clients take the shortest time to decide and pay, etc. FOLLOW THE MONEY.
  9. Give more. Give more gifts to clients, reliable suppliers, industry leaders, partners, friends, charity, your siblings, etc. You will realize that the old adage is true: the more you give, the more you receive.
  10. Be Confident.

Be Confident

“I don’t care what other people think, as long as I do my work well!”

“Who cares what I’m wearing, I’m an artist!”

“I’ll present myself better when I make a few more sales…”

The thing is, no matter what you do or say, people will always judge you.

Nobody will ever not “judge the book by its cover”.

Our brains are supercomputers that can form an impression within nanoseconds.

And even when you feel like you can win someone over later, every impression, every encounter, every conversation matters.

So make sure you present yourself well…always.

Be confident with elevator pitch, look presentable whenever you go out, groom your social media, invest in public relations/PR.

Do these, consciously, every single day. These actions mentally position you for business.

This form of preparedness puts you in a mode that is the best backdrop for attracting clients.

If you are actively doing business and you’re always “mentally ready”, you will be surprised how much business will come from unexpected places.

Everything should play to your personal brand, and your company’s brand. (Or brands if you own multiple businesses!)

Remember, everytime a prospect gets to encounter your brand/s, the subconscious question they have in their heads is this: Why will I give you my money?

2018 has been great for me and there were hardships too. However, despite the hardships, it opened my eyes to my real strength, the depth of my resilience, as 2018 had been my best year – best personal relationship year. I got closer to my family, I have Finlay, have the #bestwifeever – Jackie and tightened my friends’ circle..

Well, it can only get better.

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