What You Should Never Do During Low Sales

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Most people do panic and do quick offers during low sales and when money is tight.

What You Should Never Do During Low Sales 1Offers they haven’t done before.

Haven’t tested.

No track record of success, just basing on what they think will work.

Worse, they’re done with almost zero thought or consideration. (Especially if they don’t have a mentor.)

Maybe patterned after an FB ad they saw?

After their peers crushing it at something new?

Overhearing which channel to focus on again:
Twitter is where it’s at!”
“If you’re not on Instagram you are leaving money on the table.”
“LinkedIn is where the serious business people hang.”
“You don’t email your list as often as you can.”
“Wait you don’t have a list?!”

Thing is, that’s a huge gamble because you don’t have previous success in that arena, you will be creating from a position of lack, and you also risk in confusing your image in the market.

But here’s what you can do:

go back to what you do BEST, and go rapid fire on pitching that to a new set of people.
reach out to old, happy clients and ask them how you can serve them today – even if it’s as small as a connection to someone
pitch upsells to the clients you have RIGHT NOW, think of what else they can use that can supercharge the results on what you already sold to them

I’m not saying you don’t explore new opportunities or take risks. All I’m saying is follow the money better.

Work up from what already works, and avoid creating something from a position of desperation. Trust me, we can see it.

You know the best masterpieces don’t get created just like that.

Now go and hustle.

But hustle right.

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