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St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and we all know it is a day filled with clover green and festivities, and it might be postulated that most people who celebrate the holiday in the United States have little knowledge of the holiday’s origin – handmade business owners take advantage of this day to sell more.

Facebook Marketing Master Class For St.Patrick’s DayMarch 17th marks the day where the Irish and Irish-at-heart celebrate the heritage and culture of Ireland.

It may not be a national holiday in the United States, but this day offer so much opportunity for over-the-top antics. A national holiday in Ireland but little more than an excuse to sell more in the United States.

Holiday themes are a great way to attract new customers and provide incentives for repeat business. Theming a sale or promotion can also get you social media traffic and give you something to share online which opens up opportunities for engagement.

But how are you going to fully take advantage of this day on your Facebook page?

Here are a few off-the-wall St. Patrick’s Day Facebook marketing strategies you can use for inspiration by Mari Smith, a premier Facebook marketing expert and top social media thought leader.


Have fun, promote your efforts and ensure a good experience for your customers.

When they have fun, they will remember your efforts. They will return to do it again next year even if it’s not St. Patrick’s Day!

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