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Do you want a winning Etsy SEO strategy this year?

Etsy SEO Best Practices For 2018Etsy sellers should know that Etsy made some major changes this year in their seo algorithm.

Well, the first thing you should know about Etsy is that it isn’t just an online marketplace.

It’s a search engine.

That’s why if you’re selling on Etsy, you better learn the best practices for seo.

Manual Testing

SEO will generally take at least 30 days to show you what works or not. So test your best weapons and see what works for your shop.

  1. First, copy one of your items on Etsy.
  2. Use new etsy tags and titles in your COPIED item.
  3. Wait for 30 to 60 days.
  4. Check your items and see which version is doing better.

You can do this repeatedly all over your Etsy shop and that’s 100% guaranteed SEO that works.

The most common thing Etsy sellers do is typing keywords into the Etsy search bar to see their ranking. Sad to say, this is no longer effective and you need to check other tools for measuring your Etsy SEO success.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Etsy Rank: This free tool is a rank checker which crawls Etsy for your items and filters out customized results. The best thing about this is it enables you to do bulk rank searches (paid version.
  2. Etsy Stats: This help you see “Search Terms” or the keywords people are using to find your items.
  3. Google Analytics: This is always a reliable tool when checking for keywords in Google. It is also applicable to Etsy. Here’s an article about how to get started with Google Analytics.

The Title Of Your Products

Use keywords in the shop item title; make sure to include your keyword at the very beginning of the title. It is one of the most important part of SEO and you should not ignore it.

Item Descriptions

Your product description is the text that speaks for your business which can be found below the page title, when someone found your product item in search engines. Meta description is a factor that people are ignoring as Google add random text in place of Meta descriptions unless it is well made.

However, this is very important to help you get a good rank and boost shop traffic. You should use it to describe your product and its features. Make sure to include interesting and unique selling points of your product in Meta description.

Check this video to learn more about Etsy SEO best practices for 2018 from Renae Christine.

I hope that helps. Share your thoughts about this topic in the comment box below.

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