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So we have listed the best places to get into craft shows around the U.S.

Best Places To Join Craft Shows In Australia This 2018Now it’s time for our friends down under…

…from scrapbooking and stamping, to beading and quilting, sewing and knitting these upcoming craft shows are for you to have the absolute best opportunity to get craft supplies at discounted rates, sell your handmade stuff, meet artists, and discover the latest trends and techniques developed by Australia’s most inspired industry leading craft enthusiasts.

You can join Facebook groups that announce craft shows near you. Some Facebook groups require basic information before they let you join. Be sure to read their rules before you apply.

Here are the liveliest community for craft shows:

  1. Australian Craft Room’s + Organisation, Ideas, Show, And Tell
  2. Aussie Craft Show and Tell Room
  3. Darlinghurst Craft Fair

You might also be interested to check other list of craft show websites around Australia:

  1. 2018 Calendar Expertise Events
  2. Craft Events 2018
  3. Arts & Crafts Trade Shows in Australia
  4. Melbourne, Australia Craft Shows Events
  5. Sydney, Australia Craft Shows Events
  6. World of Crafts
  7. Card Making Craft Shows

This list will be updated. If you want to suggest your favorite craft show events or you want to share your experiences, please let us know in the comments.

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