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Craft making – managing your craft site- organizing orders – other non-craft related tasks – and many more! Doing all these tasks seems like a daunting task. Why not ask for a little help?

20-elanceElance is a virtual site where freelancers and project owners meet to get the job done.

How it can help you?

You can place your request for free on Elance if you want to outsource work.  People apply for the job, sending you their information (resume). They let you know their hourly rates or fee for the project. Upon entering an agreement with the freelancer, you simply select the most suitbale individual for the job. If you would like to go over the freelancer profile pages to find and select the most suitable candidate for the project, you may do so. Then you can contact the freelancer and invite them to the project and you can see if he or she is interested in the project.

How much will it cost you?

It is free to post a job on Elance.

Elance deducts an 8.75% service fee to all invoices submitted by freelancers. To help freelancers understand the final payment amount it will be displayed on their invoices plus the service fee will be shown to freelancers as they calculate their bid for a project. So, a client will receive a bid of $547.95 ($500 + 8.75% fee of 47.95) if the freelancer is aiming to receive $500 for their work. When work is completed and approved by the client, Elance collects the $547.95 payment from the client and passes $500 on to the freelancer.

To get started, go to Elance and register.

You can learn how to hire great people, manage the work, and pay for results by watching their videos here.

The great thing about Elance as a contractor, you will be able to get quality results by paying as low as $2/hour.

Also, if you can’t find the right one in Elance, you can check your other options at

What kind of things could you outsource?

Well the options for outsourcing are of course restricted to something that can be done remotely so you’re not going to find someone to help you pack your handicrafts but here’s some ideas for things you could outsource.

  1. Webdesign and web management: There are people on Elance far more qualified than you and I to create and manage websites for extremely reasonable rates.
  2. Blogging: Why not get someone to write content for you for your blog or facebook page?
  3. Answering emails: If you get a lot of emails you could get a remote PA to help filter the important stuff out for your attention and let them deal with the rest.
  4. Research for new ideas: Why not get someone to help you research the newest trends online and find you ideas for designs to make new and exciting crafts?

You get the idea and I’m sure you can think of a million things you could do with a hand getting done.

So check out Elance and see if you can find the right person to help you with the time consuming things that take up your day running your craft business.

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