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Do you have a craft site that needs the assistance of a skilled freelance article writer, virtual assistant, or web developer?

21-guruYou may be a perfect candidate for a virtual assistant if:

  1. You have paperwork that you can’t keep up with
  2. You need calendar and appointment assistance
  3. You need more work done!
  4. You run your craft business and have too much work on your plate

If you have one or more of these reasons, you may find your answer in an assistant at

Now, you can pick and choose which freelancer you want to work with based on your budget. Plus you can have one freelancer help you get organized with your tasks while another is creating your craft website. Also, if you can’t find the right one in, you can check your options at Elance.


I like how there are numerous ways to communicate on Guru and I know that users of Guru are happy as they are able to contact Freelancers before they post a project. I have found that sometimes the quality of contractors on Guru can be higher than on some other freelance type sites. helps you match up your project needs with qualified Freelancers. Compare significant facts such as percentage of awarded jobs per bids, earnings and repeat business (a great indicator of success). Voilà!  there’s your match.

Also, you can transact safely through SafePay. You pay and they pay the Freelancer only after you approve the work. I look at it as a secure “win-win” arrangement for you and your Freelancer.


Often the clients who post jobs there are bargain hunters but low price might affect the quality of the job output. If you’re going to transition from the budget work into the higher quality jobs, you’re eventually going to have to stop relying on job boards to get your work, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely without value.

To get started, go to Guru and register. Take a tour around Guru and start posting projects to get more work done!

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