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It is not new to us that most people nowadays use the Internet to purchase precious wonderful products from jewelry and bags to vintage stuff and other handmade products. That being said, it’s more important for craft businesses to develop an online presence but we cringe at the thought of paying extra for a professional service or being stuck on social media.

17-weeblyIs there an easy, free option to build a website? Yes there is!

There’s Weebly.

Weebly is a new website-building platform that is creating a buzz in the craft makers’ world about their free service of allowing businesses to easily build a website to market and sell products to their customers. In fact, many Etsy users are curious about Weebly. You can check their discussions here.

What Does Weebly Offer?

We’ve heard mixed reviews about it, and so we wanted to put out a list of the pro’s and con’s of Weebly so that you have a good idea of what you’re getting.

Nice Interface

Weebly has a nice interface that is truly simple to use. In fact, it’s so simple that a beginner could put out something that looks professionally designed.  You just click on an element, drag it into your site, and start using it. That easy!

Free Hosting

Some hosting providers will give away hosting for free but in exchange, they stuff tons of ads on your page.  But Weebly doesn’t do that – in fact, they allow their users to put Adsense ads on the site, so that you can monetize it and make money off the traffic that gets to your craft business website. This is a huge advantage when building a website, as they have eliminated one of the overhead expenses of website creation.

 Professional Looking Themes

You can easily make a professional looking website by using one of their 70 professionally-designed templates, and still customize every word on the site to reflect exactly what you want to say.

Here are some cool Weebly templates I’m talking about.

Get Your Own Domain

If you have a domain, you can still host it on Weebly for free. You can also purchase domains through them for very reasonable rates, but the fact that they will let you use their platform, use their hosting… all for free… it’s pretty amazing.

Webmaster Tools

They have a set of webmaster tools included to allow you to properly track and SEO the pages on your website. Again, no real technical expertise is needed to leverage these tools – they’re all “point and click”.

Getting Started

To get started, go to Weebly and register. Then, you can start setting up, organizing your site, building a web store for your handicrafts, and blogging in Weebly. You can learn how to do all these by checking their training videos.

You might also be interested to check their comprehensive Weebly guide for beginners articles to help you in getting started.

That’s all for now!

Have you ever made a Weebly site? Do you know of any that are actually pretty good? Share your own thoughts in the comments section below.

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